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  1. Sorry, I didn't hear it sing at all ... was busy flying out and back from a low bush catching flies. Seemed odd to me be so low to the ground(2 to 3 feet) catching flies. Alder is the most frequent visitor to the area, Willow drops by from time to time, and Dusky very infrequently.
  2. I guess I should've mentioned the habitat/location ... this was in the foothills, along the sheep river, SW of Calgary.
  3. Watched this flycatcher near a bushy marsh area, 30 miles south of Calgary, AB, Aug 24, 2019.
  4. wow! never ever would have figured that out. thank you!
  5. I came across this sparrow, in Calgary AB, Canada Aug 21, 2019 ... by a swampy area next to the Bow River. At first thought it might be a Song sparrow, because of reddish color, but face pattern may be Vesper ... or ?
  6. Saw this bird in Calgary, AB, Canada, Aug 19, 2019. Philadelphia? Warbling?
  7. I came across this bird along a bushy stream in Calgary, AB, Canada - Aug 8, 2019. Other birds in the same area were, least flycatchers, philadelphia vireo, warbling vireo, northern waterthrush. I thought this may be a warbling vireo. Black cap and black wing seem odd.
  8. This little warbler was busy foraging in a bush next to the bow river about 10 miles south of Calgary, Alberta ... July 28, 2019.
  9. Discovered this wren in a dense marshy spring area that runs into the sheep river (near Black Diamond AB), Aug 5, 2019. This marsh area typically has the occasional house wren's. Today the area was abuzz with many wrens, and this was one of them.
  10. Came across this shore bird at a small lake east of Calgary, Alberta, Aug 2 2019. It was relatively small (ie; smaller than willet), has a heavy, almost heron-like bill, but seems too small for a heron.
  11. I have a question regarding bird calls, and if playback sounds attract the same species. I was in the Tonto National Forest, Beeline Highway 87 (NE of Phoenix, AZ) on Apr 9, 2019 (yesterday) and heard an unfamiliar bird singing by sycamore trees along a creek. I knew a Brown Crested Flycatcher had been sighted in the area the previous year, on that date, although none have been recorded in Arizona in April so far this year, per eBird. So I played the Brown Crested Flycatcher calls using Sibley Sounds to see if that was the sound. Amazingly, the bird in the below photo immediately flew from about 100 yards away and sat in the tree next to me, however I think this bird is an Ash Throated Flycatcher because the bill does not appear large enough for a Brown Crested. QUESTION: 1) Please confirm if this is an Ash Throated Flycatcher 2) Would an Ash Throated Flycatcher respond to Brown Crested Flycatcher calls? (they sound quite different).
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