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  1. I am assuming this is a Canada Goose with something odd going on. What do y'all think? South Mississippi 4/26/2020
  2. Who is this? Vicksburg, Mississippi, 4/25/2020
  3. Thanks guys. Looked like weed eater line, but every photo looked like it was in the same spot. Weird. Thanks again.
  4. Does this duck have something in its mouth or a really blue streak on it? What kind of duck is it? South Mississippi, 3/17
  5. This is from the way-back machine. Last September in southern Mississippi. Mottled duck? Mallard? I don't know.
  6. South Mississippi, 12/29 Some kind of warbler I assume
  7. This photo is mostly white. The blue morph is much darker all over, isn't it?
  8. south Mississippi, 12/29. I went looking for a Ross's Goose that I saw yesterday and found this feller instead. I'm guessing Snow Goose because of the mouth thing it has going on. Dirty feathers makes me think juvenile. Did I get it right?
  9. Who is this? Immature something-or-other? south Mississippi, 12/28
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