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  1. So, I'm still pretty new to birding. I saw this bird on the creek that runs behind our house. If it is a migratory bird for our area, is it pretty much gone the next day, or do they hang out in an area for a bit before they move on? I'd like to get a better photo, but don't know if there's a chance.
  2. Thanks. Looked up that name and it does seem to match.
  3. Any ideas on this warbler looking bird? South Mississippi, 10/13
  4. This bird was hanging out with Pine Warblers, but doesn't seem to be one. They gray on top is throwing me off. South Mississippi, 10/9/19.
  5. Hey thanks. Looked this up and you're right. I never would have gotten this one. Tough when the female looks so different.
  6. South Mississippi, 10/5/19. So, this bird has a yellow-rump, but other than that doesn't look much like any version of yellow-rumped warbler that I've seen on any ID sites. The plain chest doesn't seem to go with anything. What do y'all think?
  7. I have some more photos but I don't know if they show the wings any better. Here is one that shows the throat since you mentioned that:
  8. This looks like a red-bellied woodpecker, but with no red? Is this what juveniles look like? South Mississippi, 9/2/19
  9. I have no idea... I'm sure it's a simple ID, but I can't figure it out.
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