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  1. Hello, We have have a delightful field of sunflowers here in Central Texas. There are Dickcissel's and red-winged blackbirds everywhere. this one stood in place long enough to let me capture this photo, complete with his bee partner!
  2. Thank you akandula. It might he the poor quslity pic, ive never seen one with that bild of an edge on its wing.
  3. This was taken by a friend today in central texas. The wingvedge looks more white in the picture, but he said it is more green. Sorry for the poor photo. Anyone know what it is? Thank you!
  4. Thank yiy akiley. A new lifer is always so exciting to me😀
  5. I had about 6 of these little beauties in my pecan tree yesterday. Im thinking they are black throated green warblers. If they are its a new lifer for me😀
  6. Thank you ivorybill! Great blue heron was my first thought, but it appeared to have too much black and white, but it could have just been because of the distance.
  7. I took these photos about a week ago in Central Texas. They are both poor quality but figured it was better than no picture. I think I know what they are but I'm not sure by any means. Your expert help is always appreciated. Thank you Linda
  8. Thank you Melierax! That will be a new lifer for me!
  9. I am absolutely no good at identifying shore birds! This one was taking at lake somerville,TX today. Sorry about the poor pics. Thank you!
  10. Thank you Tony. That's definitely the one, but I have never noticed the yellow crown before.
  11. Thank you birdnuts. Ive never seen a golden crown like that on any of the yellow rumps in my yard. Oh well..guess i need to travel west to see a golden crowned sparrow.
  12. Could this be a golden crowned sparrow? I was looking out window and saw two birds with this bright yellow crown. Taken today in central texas. Sorry about the poor picture, its actually a photo of a picture taken thru a screened window. I sure hope it is! That would make 2 lifers for me this year, the other being a purple finch.
  13. I agree with purple finch. Such beautiful finches. I saw them for the first time ever at my feeders this year.
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