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  1. Unfortunately that's the only shot I have of it! Was checking the guidebook and realised Kirtland's Warbler looked rather similar from the underside, is that unlikely for the area?
  2. Hi all, saw these 3 yellowlegs in flight, not sure if their bills are long enough to be considered greater?
  3. Took several warblers back from September in West Lafayette, Indiana but had difficulties IDing them. For the first set of pictures (fourth picture unsure if its the same individual), I'm leaning towards bay-breasted but I'm unsure for the rest. Appreciate any help in IDing these warblers, thanks.
  4. Hi all, saw these raptors in West Lafayette, Indiana in July. Photos 1-3 are of one individual, photos 4-5 are of a second individual, not sure if they are the same one. Are they both red-shouldered hawks? I'm aware the first individual appears to have a buffy crescent across the outer primaries, which indicates red-shouldered, but I'm rather inexperienced with raptors and would like to hear from others.
  5. These were taken from West Lafayette in Indiana. All the eBird records in the area are of Carolina Chickadees but this area seems to fall within the hybrid zone of the two chickadees so was unsure of the IDs. The bird seems to have a little of both chickadees' features? Thanks in advance.
  6. HI all, would appreciate help in IDing the sparrows - not very sure if there are one or two species here. Thanks in advance.
  7. The taxonomy of Asian Buteos is rather complicated currently and it is quite difficult to differentiate the exact Buteo species given the degree of overlap in their ranges and plumage differences. Based on range (HBW), Eastern Buzzard (Buteo japonicus) should be the most likely option in Thailand, although the paper below states that the Buteo japonicus from their native range in Japan look very different from the typical ones found in Thailand, which they propose are of a different subspecies under the Common Buzzard. Himalayan Buzzard is also possible (based on plumage) although HBW does state that Thailand is out of range. From what I've read in my attempts to identify the buzzards I saw in Thailand, there doesn't seem to be any consensus on the ranges of various species/subspecies and how they are split. Personally, I was unable to satisfactorily identify the buzzards I saw in Thailand myself. If you're interested, this is the paper that gives a good overview of the Buteo complex in Asia: http://www.caluta.liitin.net/Caluta/Caluta4.pdf. But also, I'm not an expert on raptors and this is just my two cents based on my readings. Cheers!
  8. Hi all, took this in October. Usually see Swainson's in the area but this one doesn't seem to have the buffish spectacles/lores so was unsure of the ID. Thanks!
  9. Just curious, are there any diagnostic features for the finch? It seems to lack streaking and just appears very nondescript.
  10. Hi all, saw these 4 birds in an urban area by the beach in California, would appreciate any help in IDing all of them (excluding the blackbirds).
  11. Thanks, I might try that out. Meanwhile still open to any guesses if anyone is willing to give a shot!
  12. Thanks! Yeah it's a little tricky separating the females/juveniles... Was wondering if the tail feathers are wide enough to be a rufous
  13. Took this bird in Tuscon and initially thought it was a female rufous but am unsure of the ID. Tried to include as many tail pics as possible, apologies for the low quality.
  14. Hi all, took this kite in California in Nov, was wondering if it was a white-tailed kite? underside of wings and tail look dark but thinking if that is an effect of the lighting. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all, saw this hummer in tuscon, november last year. My guess is broad-billed hummingbird but didn't have clear shots of the face so was unsure. Thanks for any ID help in advance!
  16. Hi all, was on the beach and saw this flock of birds fly past in the distance and managed to snap some pictures. Appreciate any help on the IDs! Taken in November last year.
  17. Hi all, saw this gull at Santa Cruz, California. Guessing it is a juvenile western gull but the beak seems to be of a weird colour, just wanted to confirm the ID. Thanks!
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