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  1. Wow! could have searched many more months and never gotten that. Thanks so much.
  2. I've had a serious try at id'ing this bird and am stuck. I live in Central Florida and saw this bird in February in a tree. I am grateful for help
  3. Hi. Our location is Central Florida, and this photo was taken in early February. I was thrilled to see this lovely bird on a suet cake. My attempt at an ID is a Pine Warbler. My husband called them Wobblers once. That is now stuck firmly in my head.
  4. Thank you for that link. That also led me to Macaulay Library which I bookmarked. Its fascinating its called Palm even though it migrates to Canada.
  5. Thank you. I think with Palm Warblers I'm looking for the reddish head. Do you think this is a female or immature? I appreciate knowing the things to look for to help my untrained eye.
  6. I see lots of these little guys this time of year. I live in rural central Florida. This picture was in the first part of January. I try id'ing but get confused by the variability birds have. My best guess is Yellow -rumped warbler.
  7. Wow, thank you! I'd never have figured that out. I have noticed birds don't make identification very easy sometimes, which adds to the delight.
  8. I live in Central Florida, and saw this bird eating seeds. The best I can come up with is a Song Sparrow, but sure would like some input. He looked a bit bigger than the ten thousand other sparrows out there....we get lots of them in the winter. Beautiful markings. The picture was through a less than perfectly clean window, so apologies for that.
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