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  1. Charlie - Everyone knows about the lizard man, don’t they? My daughter and son-in-law also live in Lexington. Thank him for all the helpful information.
  2. Awesome. Thanks so much for that list. I will make sure I provide her plenty of her favorites. You’re so kind to help me. 😀
  3. Well I am so excited to have one. I hope she will stick around. I am pretty new to bird feeding so I am open to any and all suggestions. Feel free to share anything at all with me. Do you also live in SC?
  4. Hey! I’m in Bishopville, SC. I don’t know much about the oriole but I am just as surprised as you.
  5. Thanks so much for your quick response. Would this be a male?
  6. I live in South Carolina and this bird came to my feeder today. I've never seen one before so I was hoping someone could help me identify it. Thanks so much. I'm new to this forum.
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