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  1. First I want to say how much I appreciate your knowledge. Thank you. This pic was taken a couple days ago on a golf course in south west Arizona. I thought some kind of sparrow, but I have been through quite a few pictures and can't find a match.
  2. These pics were taken earlier this month on feeders at my house in Yuma, AZ. I'm fairly certain these are two different finches with a growth in pretty much the same place. I would think this would be uncommon. Any thoughts?
  3. Taken on a gold course in southern Arizona last month. Thank you.
  4. I forgot to say this was taken on a golf course in southern Arizonaperhaps two weeks ago.
  5. I think I know what this bird is, but I can't bring myself to appear to be that dumb if I'm wrong. Thank you.
  6. This was also taken on a golf course in Yuma, Arizona in April. Thank you for your help.
  7. This was taken on a golf course in Yuma, Arizona in April. Thank you for your help.
  8. These pics were taken a month ago on Catalina Island. Thank you for your knowledge.
  9. I really do appreciate you folks, but sometimes you make me feel really dumb. Being color blind doesn't help, but sometimes I seem to miss things you folks see easily. At any rate, thank you. I have two more pictures from the last couple months that I need help with. Both were taken in Boulder Colorado. I believe the jay is either a blue jay or a Steller's jay, and I have no idea about the hawk.
  10. This bird was on a seed feeder in Boulder Colorado in August. Thanks folks. I appreciate it.
  11. This bird was in a juniper bush in Boulder Colorado in August
  12. This bird was playing in a creek in Minot, North Dakota in August.
  13. And I should have said the bird acted like it was just out of the nest.
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