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  1. Turns out my Merlin app was set to the wrong location (facepalm) so the yellow throated wasn't showing up. Once I updated the location this answers became much more obvious! Thank you all for the quick response 🙂
  2. I thought this was an Anna's, because that is what normally is seen in San Diego, but quite obviously has the orange rufous coloring. Taken 12/20/19 in Rancho Bernardo, CA. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello all! My mom took this amazing picture of a bird that has been tapping at her window yesterday in Tarpon Springs, FL. I tried a Merlin bird ID and nothing came up. Thank you!
  4. Is this a semipalmated sandpiper? Seems like the beak is thicker and shorter than other pics I'm seeing. Man these shorebirds are hard.
  5. Great blue heron that was absolutely terrorizing a flight of double-crested cormorants today in Tarpon Springs, FL
  6. I hadn't seen that yet, thank you for sharing! I just got back from a walk, will post my best from today after I sort! 🙂
  7. mikerigney

    Reddish Heron

    © Mike Rigney

  8. mikerigney

    Pie Billed Grebe

    © Mike Rigney

  9. mikerigney


    © Mike Rigney

  10. © Mike Rigney

  11. mikerigney

    Roseate Spoonbills

    © Mike Rigney

  12. mikerigney

    Laysan Albatross

    © Mike Rigney

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