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  1. Seen today 9/7 around central Indian. I first thought it was a Nashville but something looked off, I was only able to get 1 picture before it flew off. With the pick legs and complete eye ring I'm leaning towards it being a Connecticut. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Was at my daughters soccer practice and looked up to see these black birds way up in the sky. Took a quick picture with my phone I think they are cormorants but would like a second opinion. Taken in central Indiana today 4/13. thanks!
  3. Take 5/1/22 central Indiana. I'm assuming this is a standard female mallard, but in the field how dark it was really stood out. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Yeah that was my thought after listening to it a few more times
  5. Recorded today 8/1 in central Indiana. I was walking into work and this song caught my attention as different. I opened the BirdNET app and recorded it. The app says almost certain it is a sedge wren. But to me I’m not hearing it, likely something common but I’m horrible with songs. Sedge Wren.wav Thanks!
  6. New Recording 3.m4a taken on 12/9 in central Indiana, it was on the other side of a retention pond in an area with reeds and a small stream. Never got any visual just a call that sounded different. It seemed to be staying in the same spot. thanks!
  7. Thanks! Sandhills make sense but that wasn’t my impression from the call it was more high pitched. Before I saw the flock I thought it was 1-2 gulls
  8. Take just west of Indianapolis on 10/21. I was Just about to go into a store and saw this flock flying over. What drew me to look up was an odd sounding call. It didn’t sound like a Canada goose call but I could be wrong, since I wasn’t expecting it. Snapped a quick shot with my phone not sure if because the distance and low quality but the head/neck look smaller than I would expect. Also the 2nd and 3rd from the top look small. Can anyone get a positive ID. thanks!
  9. Take today (8/24) central Indiana. Found a few shorebirds in a drying pond, it had 30+ killdeer but was able to pick out these 3 sandpipers. I have them as Semipalmated , Pectoral and Baird's What do you think? Thanks!
  10. Taken on 3/3 central Indiana. Just making sure since this is this first time I've seen one in my home county and only my 4-5 ever overall.
  11. No other picture, my first impression was bald eagle but I was thinking it could be a Golden Eagle because of the white tail with black band at the tip and to me the head seemed smaller. This was a reclaimed strip mine
  12. Taken in west central Indiana on 1/25/19. Not sure if it was just the angle but this bird looked smaller in the field Thanks!
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