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  1. Today in southern Nevada. Very far and into the sun. 😞 Seems to have wing bars like a nighthawk. My impression was it was much bigger than a lesser nighthawk, also it was flying very high. Thanks!
  2. Today in higher elevation of southern Nevada. Noticed (I thought) a rufous on a hummingbird feeder that was NOT shooing other hummingbirds away. Every time I've seen a rufous they've been strenuously guarding their spot and chasing others away. Later got closer photos of one that seems to be smaller than a rufous. May be just wishful thinking as I've tried to knock a calliope off my list for quite a while. Is the one on a branch with green background a calliope? Thanks!
  3. Was hoping for a fox sparrow today. Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
  4. Today in southern Nevada. Rare here. Thanks!
  5. Today in Las Vegas. Was with about a hundred lesser goldfinches. Not sure if lesser or American. Thanks!
  6. Plenty of Lincoln's and Savannas today. Wasn't sure about this one. Southern Nevada today. Thanks!
  7. From a distance really thought I had my first golden eagle. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  8. Big wind storm and temp change brought in some unusual birds. (Day ago in southern Nevada) I thought this was a hermit thrush. The day before, an ovenbird had been seen. I realized this bird looked very similar to the ovenbird photo. Thanks!
  9. Today in Las Vegas. Summer (blue background) and western tanager? Thanks!
  10. Got over 70 species today and can't think what this is. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  11. Today in southern Nevada. Dark bill, broken white eye ring, white at base of bill. Thanks!
  12. Darn these sandpipers. 🙂 Is this a Baird's? Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
  13. Today at Lake Mead (huge lake in southern Nevada). Besides the one western grebe, are the rest eared grebes? One of them a hooded merganser? Thanks!
  14. Vesper? Lincoln's? Little trouble with this one. Reading guides seems to be a Vesper which would be rare. Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
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