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  1. I can't identify a couple and I think I'm mis-identifying the hawk. Thought I'd ask the experts. 🙂 Location is Las Vegas on the wash. Thanks!
  2. One more today sorry ha. This is S. Nevada
  3. Don't think I've seen this color pigeon before. Location is southern Nevada. Looking at the recent pigeon post with the photos, and Googling didn't help. Thanks!
  4. Location is Las Vegas, today. This bird was mixed in with several lazuli buntings which is pretty rare here. Thanks!
  5. Location is on the wash in southern Nevada. Hawk photo is greatly lightened. Thanks!
  6. Looked thru several websites about how to tell California gull apart from ring-billed gull and still can't tell Location is southern Nevada, taken today
  7. Location is on the wash in southern Nevada, thanks!
  8. Little trip to Santa Barbara, wild birds except for the condor and eagle
  9. Encountered 5 seals relaxing during an early morning walk on the beach
  10. Not sure about these two in friend's backyard, location is Las Vegas, thanks!!!
  11. Violet green swallow in the mountains
  12. well that explains my problem 😁 I was thinking western wood pewee or western kingbird for some reason
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