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  1. Looking at range maps looks like Allen's don't enter Nevada. I've never even heard of one being seen here. When I bird in the mountains this time of year I typically photograph every hummingbird I can hoping to catch one of the rare summer visitors. 🙂
  2. Couple hummingbirds from the mountains today in southern Nevada. Typically seen here are broad-tailed, Anna's, sometimes black-chinned. Rufous and calliope are visitors in the summer but I've never seen one. Thanks!
  3. Today in Las Vegas. Today I saw one lark sparrow, a huge number of adult and juvenile black-chinned sparrows, and this one I'm not sure of. Merlin say's it's a sagebrush which is common here but not for a couple months. Thanks!
  4. Today in southern Nevada. Was taken in a spot where Bullocks, hooded, and (less likely) Scott's are possible. I can't tell. Merlin says it's a Scott's. Thanks!
  5. Well it looks like a gull in the photos to me but it seemed like a huge bird, like great egret size. White with black wings, I could only think of a white pelican which I see here once in a while.
  6. I'd say it's a dickcissel but wait for an expert opinion. 🙂
  7. Just a white rock pigeon with some blood? Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
  8. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  9. Can't tell what these are. Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
  10. Today in southern Nevada. Would expect hooded but Merlin says this is a Scott's. Thanks!
  11. Saw some northern rough winged swallows and cliff swallows this morning. Not sure about this one. The Merlin app says it's a tree swallow. A little before dawn so the colors are washed out. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  12. Definitely. At this birding hotspot they've never been seen before August, which made me wonder.
  13. Some Caspian terns were in the area, I wonder if I got their rears. Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
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