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  1. Oh I should've added these the first time. I'm not sure the duck on the rock is the same one. The other two photos definitely are the same bird as above. Thanks for the help!
  2. Southern Nevada over the wash, dozens of rough-winged swallows, a very few barn swallows, and not sure about these. Thanks!
  3. Southern Nevada today. Very cloudy day so lightened the photos. Running the photos thru the Merlin bird ID app gives a result of calliope, which is possible but very rare here. Other hummingbirds I saw today were black chinned, Anna's, and Costa's. Thanks!
  4. Finches seen today were house, American goldfinch, and lesser goldfinch. Color makes me think blue grosbeak, but those are a month away from showing up typically. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  5. Today in southern Nevada. At this spot there were more greater yellowlegs than usual. Looking them over for anything unusual (2 days ago there was a long-billed curlew which is pretty rare in the Vegas desert) there seemed to be a size difference between two, but they never got closer together than the photo below. Read several guides on how to tell them apart and still don't know. 🙂 Thanks!
  6. Today in southern Nevada. Anna's is by far the most common. Once in a while I'll see a Costa's. Black-chinned start coming soon. Not sure about these today, especially the one in the bad photos. It's possible to see a broad-tail or rufous, but that's very rare. Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much. Well that's awesome, I've never seen a cliff swallow in Nevada. I have 2 more photos of that bird.
  8. Las Vegas today. About 3 dozen rough-winged swallows zooming over the water and noticed a small number of ones that were brownish. Thanks!
  9. Out of likes dang it, thank you. 🙂
  10. Thought this was a Brewer's at first (common here) but seems to be a vesper (uncommon here). A vesper would be a lifer. Do the streaks on the breast make it a vesper since Brewer's have a clear breast? Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
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