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  1. 1. vermilion flycatcher? 2. wilson's warbler? 3. not sure 4. cooper's hawk? Location is Las Vegas. And again thank you so much for the help!
  2. Saw a couple red naped sapsuckers and several northern flickers this morning, not sure about this one. Location is southern Nevada, thanks!
  3. I'd say european starling and red-winged blackbird, but wait for an expert 🙂
  4. Location is southern Nevada today. #1 not sure which flycatcher #2 and #3 by eye thought these were northern mockingbirds, they were in the same tree Thanks!
  5. New editions to my local park today (southern Nevada)
  6. Oh ha thanks, titmouse was the only thing I could think of at this location that was possible.
  7. Big thanks for the help, not sure about these two. Location is Las Vegas today.
  8. This hawk was very small. I was expecting a kestrel when I looked thru the lens. Colors are washed out because photo was taken into the sun. Location was the wetlands area of Henderson (southern Nevada) Thanks!!!
  9. Need little help with these shorebirds. Looking at sample photos online for the last hour I'm still not sure. 🙂 Location is southern Nevada. Photo #1 is the top bird a greater yellowlegs and the bottom two stilt sandpipers? Stilt sandpipers are rare here but 2 have been seen in this spot for the past few days.
  10. Bird was calling from some reeds over a stream. Location is the Las Vegas Wash. call2.mp4
  11. Showed photos to couple locals today, were leaning more toward harrier, but still no positive ID.
  12. Really appreciate all the help. Below are all of the photos I have of #1. The photos were taken at Lake Mead (Boulder City) in southern Nevada. If it's a goshawk, it'd be extremely rare. In the last year I only remember one sighting of this bird, but in the mountains (Mt. Charleston) in Las Vegas, which is about 90 minutes drive NW from where I was today. Again thanks! The bottom photo left is not my photo. 🙂
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