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  1. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Not sure about the female in the first photo at the left and the males. Their sides don't seem to look like any common or Barrow's I've seen, not that I've seen a lot. 🙂 Female in the 3rd photo is a Barrows? Thanks!
  2. In the second-to-last photo, the 2 birds on the right seem to have much thinner bills than the surf. To me, they don't seem like the surf or the ONE black scoter that's been here. Maybe just wishful thinking. 🙂 I've been hoping for a white-winged scoter or long-tailed duck to show up, they did at this time two years ago.
  3. Are all of these surf scoters? Today in southern Nevada. A few surf scoters and one black scoter have been visiting the lake here for a few days (pretty rare). Checking on them this morning there seemed to be some with a thinner bill. Thanks!
  4. If the second bird is a vermilion flycatcher, I've never seen one like it. 🙂 Both birds are common in my area. I'd say it's a vermilion flycatcher and a Say's phoebe.
  5. Canvasback in flight? And? Not sure what the rest are. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  6. Today in Las Vegas. Bewick's and marsh wrens are common here. Not sure about this one. Thanks!
  7. Confirm swamp sparrow again please. 🙂 Today in southern Nevada. All photos are of the same bird.
  8. With a dozen common goldeneyes today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  9. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Just the day before there was a Barrow's goldeneye at this spot. Want to make sure I'm reporting correctly. Thanks!
  10. This week in southern Nevada. Would be very rare but it's been reported at this spot a few times recently. Thanks!
  11. Doesn't seem familiar to me. Today in southern Nevada, in the reeds by a huge pond near the wash. Thanks! what.mp4
  12. Couple days ago in southern Nevada. Thanks!
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