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  1. Today in southern Nevada (would be very rare here). A couple other birders reported one in this tree today. Sucker wouldn't let me get a good photo. Thanks!
  2. Recently in southern Nevada near the mountains. Not certain what this hawk is. Another birder keeps reporting a juvenile broad-winged with no photos at this spot, so thought I'd ask about this one. Thanks!
  3. Hi Ronvan, are you on eBird? You're in my neck of the woods. This Sabine has been at this park since 9/17
  4. I'm in southern Nevada and have seen 3 in just the last couple weeks.
  5. Thanks all. I was secretly hoping for a Common Tern, which would be a lifer. I wish I'd gotten better photos, it was way out on Lake Mead. 🙂 That species isn't rare, and is expected here this time of year. Unfortunately so is Forster's. 🙂
  6. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  7. Today in southern Nevada. Another birder said there was a clay-colored here among the Brewer's, white-crown, etc. Clay-colored would be very rare here. I was looking for anything that was like a Brewer's but with a pale gray collar. Thanks!
  8. Today in southern Nevada. A couple of lazuli at this spot today, not sure if this is one also. Original photos and lightened. Thanks!
  9. Today in southern Nevada. Photo taken at quite a distance and cropped. Thanks!
  10. Confirm one stilt sandpiper and one pectoral sandpiper? Kinda rare here in the desert of southern Nevada. 🙂 Thanks!
  11. Today in southern Nevada. Well, one was at this spot yesterday and today. I managed to take these horrible photos before it disappeared. Seems to have a scaly back that the large number of yellowlegs there didn't have. Thanks!
  12. Horrible photos far away and into the sun. 🙂 Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  13. Yesterday in southern Nevada on a dark, rainy day. I thought this was a peep or yellowlegs that were around. The few useful photos I got, Merlin says every one is a little gull or other kind of gull, so thought I'd as here. 🙂 Thanks!
  14. Thanks all. By the way, I meant to write Eastern KINGBIRD in the title. Guess I walked a little too long in the heat today. 🙂
  15. Kinda rare out here in the west. 🙂 Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  16. Semipalmated sandpiper or is Merlin lying to me again? Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  17. Lot of Bairds on the forum today. 🙂 Today in southern Nevada. (not sure photos are of the same bird) Thanks!
  18. Although I agree with the above, locally, there's some discussion about this being a long-tailed or a parasitic with no consensus yet. Hard to claim a lifer on eBird without that dang it. 🙂
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