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  1. White mandarin and brown pelican, taken at a Vegas casino with a small bird habitat of flamingos, storks, etc.
  2. One of these years I'll be able to tell sharpies and Coopers apart with confidence 🙂 Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  3. Local ebird lists dark-eyed juncos as 'slate colored' and 'oregon' varieties here. A local birder says 'pink sided' is in this group in this park in Las Vegas. Are there 3 types of juncos here? Most of the photos were taken when it was very cloudy. Thanks!
  4. Are any of these NOT ring-billed or California gulls? Huge lake in Nevada today. Thanks!
  5. All 3 brown headed cowbirds? They were mixed in with thousands of starlings, brewer's blackbirds, and red-winged blackbirds in a park in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  6. The old question of is this a Cooper's or a sharp-shinned? Southern Nevada. Thanks!
  7. Southern Nevada, which would be very rare. Wanted to make sure before I Ebird. 🙂 Thanks!
  8. 1 and 2 red tail? 3 red shoulder? 4 cooper's? Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  9. I'd say that's a Cooper's hawk but wait for an expert 🙂
  10. Black eyes and curved beak made me think of a white tailed kite I saw recently on the beach in Santa Barbara, California. Range map shows them there and in south and east Texas. I don't think they're sparrow sized though. 🙂
  11. Cackling or Canada? One small group flying over southern Nevada today. Thanks!
  12. Friendly beaver in Las Vegas
  13. In my area, common woodpeckers are flickers and ladder-backed. Red-naped can be seen rarely. Spotting this "woodpecker" through my scope from FAR away I had a few seconds of... Wow a downy or hairy woodpecker, so rare! Then I noticed it was only swaying in the breeze and realized it was just a decoration. 😛
  14. Looked through a few guides about how to tell lesser from greater and still am not sure. 😀 Location is the wetlands in southern Nevada. Photos are of the same bird. Thanks!
  15. Thanks everyone for the help. A pure female Barrow's has been spotted here and I photographed a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I went hunting for the Barrow's male which was reported seen on Ebird the day before. Here's a couple more photos. The birds were far off shore this time. In the photo with the females, I thought the pure Barrow's was there. And here's another photo of the male with the teardrop but missing the black shoulder spur. Thanks again!
  16. Left gull is a California? Merlin says it's an Iceland. Large lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
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