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  1. Definitely a rarity. Thanks, I thought I was misidentifying it.
  2. Barrow's goldeneye? Was with a group of common goldeneyes. Taken recently at Lake Mead (southern Nevada). Thanks!
  3. I'm getting different IDs for this hawk locally. Taken today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
  4. 1 and 2 are the same bird. Herring gull? In #3 the ring-billed and behind that? Thanks!
  5. Today in southern Nevada. Are all these red breasted mergansers? Thanks!
  6. Greater scaup? Location is a lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  7. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  8. Having trouble telling if this is pacific or common loon. Photos taken at a park in Las Vegas today. All photos of the same bird. Earlier this month 6 pacific loons and 1 common loon were seen at Lake Mead which is about 20 miles east of this park. Thanks!
  9. Location is southern Nevada near the wash. Swamp sparrow? That'd be very rare. Thanks!
  10. At a park in Las Vegas with a huge number of northern mockingbirds. Thanks!
  11. Would be lifer for me. Photographed in southern Nevada but rare here. Thanks!
  12. Not any help but at first glance I thought gadwall. I ran thru Photoshop to clean up and sharpen, didn't help much. Ran thru Merlin, result was least grebe. 🙂 If you ever come to Las Vegas you can knock horned larks and burrowing owls off your nemesis list.
  13. Can this be a ferruginous hawk? A local well-known birder tells me it cannot be a red tail or red shoulder. I've seen it a couple times before but can never get a good photo as it's across a river. Location is southern Nevada. Thanks!
  14. Photos didn't display in the order uploaded 😛 1. ?? (photo of the back of the bird) 2. Cooper's? 3. sharp shinned? 4. peregrine?
  15. 1. Cooper's? 2. sharp shinned? 3. ? 4. Is this a peregrine? Seems different than several other peregrine falcons I've seen. Prairie falcons are in my area but I've never seen one. Photos taken in Nevada today. Thanks!
  16. 1. hawk? 2. bushtit? 3. canvasback? (center duck) 4. red-winged blackbird? Thanks again 🙂
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