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  1. Today in southern Nevada. Warbling vireo is expected but maybe a red-eyed with the stronger facial pattern and cap much darker than the back? Only one photo in focus. 😞
  2. Today in southern Nevada. Seems only warbling vireo and Bell's vireo would be expected. Thanks!
  3. Exactly. It's been about 25 years since one has been here. But one was photographed in this exact spot on 5/15 then seen again today 5/18. 🙂
  4. Little stumped by this obscured bird. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  5. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks! (photos greatly lightened)
  6. Today in southern Nevada. (had to brighten the flight photos a lot) Thanks!
  7. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks! Weirdly enough, there has been a yellow-billed loon living at a Vegas casino fountain for several days. I went to check on it today and this bird had also appeared.
  8. Thanks all. Was hoping for Barrow's. 🙂
  9. Yesterday at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  10. Today at a giant lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  11. Today at a lake in southern Nevada. Photos are of 2 birds. Thanks!
  12. A few days ago in southern Nevada. I was birding with a friend when I heard an unusual call approaching. I looked up and saw some swifts coming, and said to my friend... swifts straight up! I snapped one burst of photos which was all I could get as they zoomed by in a straight line and were gone. My friend, looking thru binos, called them Vaux, solely because they were all dark and not white-throated which are common here. (Vaux are seen here but rarely. I've seen ONE Vaux this year, photographed at a small lake at a park in May this year.) Later that day, I saw on ebird that one of the top birders here had black swifts the day before at pretty much the same spot. Looking at their range map, seems perfectly normal for them to migrate thru here. For what it's worth, Merlin says every bird is a black swift. Thanks!!
  13. Photos taken yesterday in southern Nevada. Northern waterthrush isn't common but isn't a rarity. I've seen a northern 1 to 4 times every year for the past 4 years. Louisiana waterthrush would be quite rare, the last one reported and photographed here in 2014. Thanks!
  14. At the time, Merlin ID'ed as yellow throated vireo. Later I increased the volume and ran it through Merlin again, same result. Carolina wren would be even crazier here. 🙂 As I mentioned, a yellow throated vireo WAS photographed and recorded here by several top people two days prior. It seemed quite an incredible coincidence. Also, I noticed on the Merlin app, under sounds for this bird, there are 4 calls, the second one sounds just like what I recorded, many fast raspy calls.
  15. Today in southern Nevada. Normally a yellow throated vireo would be crazy here but two days ago one was photographed by many experts here. Today heard what I thought was a vireo calling, started Merlin and it was very sure the calling bird was a yellow throated, which seemed a very strange coincidence. I increased the volume and re-ran it through Merlin, same result. Expected vireos here are Bell's, Cassin's, plumbeous. Thanks louder2.wav
  16. Today at a big lake in southern Nevada. The bird between the dowitcher and the gull. Dunlin? Thanks!
  17. Today in southern Nevada. I thought this was a bank, but that would set off a rare bird alert. Thanks!
  18. When I got home and looked thru photos, I said... that''s not a RB, it's a short-billed! I should've taken more photos! 🙂 For whatever reason, this marina between Nevada and Arizona has been a hotspot where a SB has been seen many times in the past.
  19. Today in southern Nevada. Sorry I don't have more photos. This was the only gull in the whole area and I blew it off as a a ring-billed until looking at photos later. Thanks!
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