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  1. When I got home and looked thru photos, I said... that''s not a RB, it's a short-billed! I should've taken more photos! 🙂 For whatever reason, this marina between Nevada and Arizona has been a hotspot where a SB has been seen many times in the past.
  2. Today in southern Nevada. Sorry I don't have more photos. This was the only gull in the whole area and I blew it off as a a ring-billed until looking at photos later. Thanks!
  3. Today in southern Nevada, a rarity here. Thanks!
  4. I assume this is the same gull I asked about a few days ago: https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/26793-which-gull/ Photos below are from today at Lake Mead (huge lake in southern Nevada) The bird-in-flight photos are stills taken from a video and came out a little smudgy. Thanks!!!
  5. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. California and ring-billed are the only common gulls here. This single bird flew by and didn't stop. Seems to have an all-black bill. For what it's worth, Merlin gives the result of glacous-winged for most of the photos. Thanks!!!
  6. (the one on the right) This week in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  7. Oh I just looked at the range map for Lawrences, seems WI would be incredibly out of range. ?
  8. How about Lawrence's goldfinch for #2?
  9. Today in the mountains of southern Nevada (where warbling vireos are very common). Not sure about this one. Thanks!
  10. Today in southern Nevada. Not sure if this is a Cassin's or not. Thanks! (not sure if all the photos are of the same bird)
  11. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  12. Today in southern Nevada, a rarity here. Thanks!
  13. Today at a big lake in southern Nevada. Don't know if the bird in flight and on the ground are the same or not. Thanks!
  14. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  15. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  16. Can I call this a Lawrence's goldfinch? Today in southern Nevada. Would set off a rare-bird alert, although a few seem to be seen here every year. Thanks!
  17. Today in southern Nevada. Sorted thru a huge group of red-winged blackbirds, Brewer's blackbirds, and great-tailed grackles today looking for a rusty. Not sure what this one bird is. Thanks!
  18. Band-tailed. ? But bad photos and causing a 'rare bird alert' made me want confirmation.
  19. Today in the snowy mountains of southern Nevada. Thanks!
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