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  1. Confirm swamp sparrow again please. ? Today in southern Nevada. All photos are of the same bird.
  2. With a dozen common goldeneyes today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  3. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Just the day before there was a Barrow's goldeneye at this spot. Want to make sure I'm reporting correctly. Thanks!
  4. This week in southern Nevada. Would be very rare but it's been reported at this spot a few times recently. Thanks!
  5. Doesn't seem familiar to me. Today in southern Nevada, in the reeds by a huge pond near the wash. Thanks! what.mp4
  6. Couple days ago in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  7. Yesterday in southern Nevada on the lake. Thanks!
  8. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Photos at quite a distance and distorted from the heat Common loons would be expected here, though I saw a Pacific just a few miles away from here yesterday. Thanks!
  9. Today in Las Vegas near the mountains. Red-naped would be expected here but at least 3 yellow-bellied have been reported nearby recently. This is the only photo I cold get. Thanks!
  10. Not sure about this gull today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  11. Today in Las Vegas. Want to make sure I'm eBirding correctly. ? Thanks!
  12. Today near the mountains of southern Nevada. Red-naped are common at this spot, although yellow-bellied are sometimes seen this time of year. Was reading from October to May red-naped always have a red nape. These 2 have no red, and also the black border around the chin. Thanks!
  13. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  14. Today in southern Nevada. Last night a local well-known birder reported a clay-colored sparrow (rare here) with a couple Brewer's and chipping. Reading many guides and online samples I'm still having trouble knowing if I caught it today. There were only 6 sparrows and I took a dozens of photos of each one. These seem the best possibilities. Thanks!
  15. Today in southern Nevada. Swainson's is rare here but one has been seen repeatedly at this spot recently. 1-5 are the same bird, Swainson's? 6-7 different bird nearby, Hermit? Thanks!
  16. Very, I've never seen one. House finch everywhere down in Vegas and Cassin's in the mountains nearby.
  17. The Las Vegas Wash. Both are common here, especially wigeons. ? Just something in the coloring made me think something was off.
  18. Today in southern Nevada at 3,000 ft elevation. Thanks!
  19. Two different birds. Today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
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