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  1. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  2. Can I call this a Lawrence's goldfinch? Today in southern Nevada. Would set off a rare-bird alert, although a few seem to be seen here every year. Thanks!
  3. Today in southern Nevada. Sorted thru a huge group of red-winged blackbirds, Brewer's blackbirds, and great-tailed grackles today looking for a rusty. Not sure what this one bird is. Thanks!
  4. Band-tailed. ? But bad photos and causing a 'rare bird alert' made me want confirmation.
  5. Today in the snowy mountains of southern Nevada. Thanks!
  6. This is just SPAM. Doing a reverse image search, this image shows up on many foreign websites like this one https://www.piqsels.com/da/search?q=robin
  7. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. The eagle in the air is another bald? Thanks!
  8. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  9. Well heck I wonder what the problem is where some people can't hear the audio. I've put audio on here several times before. ? I'm using a Windows laptop, and it plays. I'll try again... 20220106_085835.wav
  10. Today in southern Nevada. BOTH have been documented at a park here repeatedly. Thanks! 20220106_085835.wav
  11. My first thought was solitary sandpiper but wait for an expert ?
  12. Today in southern Nevada at a huge lake. Would be very rare here. Thanks!
  13. Can I call this a Mexican Duck? Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  14. Today in a higher-elevation area of southern Nevada. Thanks!
  15. Photo I took at the same spot a few days earlier. I assume it's the same 4 scoters. ?
  16. I'd vote for double-crested (an every-day bird where I am). The orange before the eye is a good indicator. But wait for more experienced birders. ?
  17. Hey don't change it from a Cape May! ? Lifer for me and dang good bird for Mojave desert. Another birder who photographed same bird has ID'd it as Cape May.
  18. Today in southern Nevada. Not sure about this one. Thanks!
  19. Not my photos. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Out-of-state birder posted these photos at a local park. Loons aren't an every day bird here in the Mojave Desert, but the ones I've seen had an obviously hefty bill. Thanks!
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