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  1. From my bird haul this morning I can't seem to identify this last one. Looking through references in southern Nevada I just don't see it. This wikipedia photo of a willow flycatcher seems to match https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willow_flycatcher Photo taken today in Henderson, NV
  2. Spotted today in southern Nevada, thanks for the help!
  3. Here's a short video https://youtu.be/TkevrHe-4HQ
  4. Interesting, thanks. Looking at their range they don't come as far north as Nevada.
  5. Little update, several experts from Nevada have told me this is a pintail x green winged teal hybrid. Thanks for all the help. ?
  6. Southern Nevada. I'm sure it's obvious, I just don't see it looking through all of the usual locals. Thanks!
  7. Well I thought I had a purple since one was just seen exactly where I was, and also I was at a high elevation (near Mt. Charleston)
  8. #1 is a Cooper's Hawk? #2 Hawk? #3 What's being eaten? Southern Nevada Thanks!
  9. Hummingbird nest that survived many days of crazy wind, storms, and even snow here in Vegas
  10. Not sure what this is. Far larger than the normal mallard. Photo today in Las Vegas. Thanks!
  11. Oh wow so fast thanks. I wish I'd gotten a better photo. ?
  12. Ah, that's it. Thanks everyone! Photos as requested...
  13. Photo taken in Las Vegas. What throws me is the black top. I looked thru a large amount of photos of northern flickers and none had a black top. Thanks!
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