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  1. Lot of Bairds on the forum today. ? Today in southern Nevada. (not sure photos are of the same bird) Thanks!
  2. Although I agree with the above, locally, there's some discussion about this being a long-tailed or a parasitic with no consensus yet. Hard to claim a lifer on eBird without that dang it. ?
  3. Today in southern Nevada. I can't tell what gull this is. Merlin says it's a pomarine jaeger which would be extremely rare here. I lightened the photos since they were taken into the sun. Thanks!
  4. Cooper's hawk? Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  5. Today in southern Nevada. I heard a couple odd quacks, searching around a little island in the wash, it was this duck which I assumed was just a mallard, but Merlin says it is a mottled (probably impossible here) or a Mexican duck (rare here). Thanks!
  6. Recently in southern Nevada. Bird with a yellow belly is a Nashville? Bird with it's back to the camera (might be the same bird) is a Nashville? Bird with a mostly-gray belly is a Virginia? Thanks!
  7. Today in southern Nevada. At the time I thought this was a robin I had seen a few minutes earlier. Townsend's solitaires are somewhat common here but typically at much higher elevation. Thanks!
  8. Today at a big lake (kinda small nowadays from the drought) in southern Nevada. Merlin seems to think this is a Herring or Lesser black-backed. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, that was my impression (and Merlin ID) but I thought the bill looked too big.
  10. Today in southern Nevada. Western kingbirds are common here. Cassin's are uncommon. Any other kind would be quite rare. I photographed an Eastern Kingbird here last week. Looking thru kingbirds today looking for a Cassin's reported recently at this spot, I took many photos of every one since I have trouble telling Western from Cassin's. This kingbird seemed to have a large beak. Merlin says it's a Tropical. Thanks!
  11. Same audio, I just raised the volume 1382104044_NewRecording4louder.wav
  12. Indigo Bunting that eluded me so many times
  13. Some more photos if that helps... all are of the same bird
  14. Today in southern Nevada. Was recording audio of a nearby osprey and this bird shot out of the reeds and made this squawk. Thanks! bittern.wav
  15. Four sandpipers today in southern Nevada. Sorry I could only get photos into the sun. Sent to some friends and got the answers... least, western, maybe a pectoral. Merlin says dunlin. Thanks!
  16. Today in southern Nevada. Indigos are not common here but they've been popping up here and there recently. Thought I had my first one this year but a friend suggested it could be an immature blue grosbeak. Thanks!
  17. Today in southern Nevada in a wetlands environment. Nearby were cormorants, assorted common ducks, common yellowthroats, gnatcatchers, verdin. I was in this spot a while taking photos of an eastern kingbird (rare visitor here) and kept hearing this call I don't think I've heard before. Ran the audio thru Birdnet and Merlin and both couldn't identify. Thanks! what070321b.wav
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