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  1. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  2. Today in southern Nevada (dang it's hot). Silent bird, I keep wavering on the bill size. Thanks!
  3. Today in southern Nevada. Having trouble telling Western from Cassin's with any confidence. Western common here this time of year, Cassin's much rarer. But one Cassin's has been reported at a park a few times recently. Thanks!
  4. Ah thanks. There was a chestnut-sided photographed at that spot today. I thought I had accidentally recorded it when I was recording an ovenbird. I listened to the #1 song for chestnut-sided on the Audubon app and it sounded identical to me. I've seen that bird before but never heard.
  5. Today in southern Nevada. Rare but seems to be seen here every year. Thanks! whatwarbler.wav
  6. Today in southern Nevada. Rare in these parts. Thanks!
  7. Today in higher elevation in southern Nevada. Ash-throated far more common here. Thanks!
  8. Came across a snoozing nighthawk little after dawn this morning (southern Nevada wash). Ran several photos thru Merlin for the heck of it and Merlin seems certain this is a common. Read some guides and websites like this one: https://ebird.org/camerica/news/id-challenges-the-chordeiles-nighthawks Pretty sure I could tell them apart in flight but perched, no. Thanks!
  9. Thought this was a female rose-breasted. Friend suggested it could be a juv black headed. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  10. Today in the mountains of southern Nevada. Thanks!
  11. Too far and before dawn, popped out and disappeared. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  12. Today in southern Nevada. Lesser nighthawks are 'common' this time of year. Common Nighthawks are a rarity. Birding at one of the biggest parks in Nevada this morning, this bird flew by high pre-dawn. Is it my imagination, or is the white wing bar not as far out as it should be for a lesser nighthawk? Thanks!
  13. Today in southern Nevada. Western flycatchers? (Pacific-slope/Cordilleran?) Thanks!
  14. Today in southern Nevada. The hummingbird on the left. Thanks!
  15. Two different birds at two different spots this week in southern Nevada. Birders keep reporting Swainson's here and I haven't seen a single one all year, that I know of. ? Wonder if I'm just mis-identifying. Thanks!
  16. Today in southern Nevada. These seem to have some rufous sides? Thanks!
  17. Today in southern Nevada near the mountains. Not sure what to ebird this as. ? Merlin says it's a tern. Thanks!
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