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  1. Today in higher elevation in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  2. Today in southern Nevada. I assumed this was a Cooper's (common) at this lake. Looking at photos later, I wasn't sure what this is. Goshawk's are quite uncommon here. Thanks!
  3. From June 2019, Spring Mountains of southern Nevada, about 8,000 ft. Birders in my area report Swainson's thrushes pretty regularly. I've never seen one that I know of. Going thru all the photos I've taken of thrushes here, not sure about this one. Thanks!
  4. Today in southern Nevada. Vaux's are rare here. The only other swifts here are white-throated which are more common. Yesterday there was a report of Vaux's swifts heading this way so at dawn I was at the wash, photographing anything that zoomed by. Thanks!
  5. Today in southern Nevada. Arriving at a huge lake at dawn, a largish bird was on the rocks on the far side. It stayed on the rocks for a short time then flew to the left and I lost it. Eight minutes later, a bird flew in from that directing flying to the right. I assume it's the same bird. It was the same spot. Thanks!
  6. Today in southern Nevada. Just wanted to make sure. I'm triggering eBird's rare bird alarm and you're-reporting-too-many alarm. Thanks!
  7. Today in southern Nevada at a huge lake. It's not hitting me what this is. Thanks!
  8. Today in southern Nevada. Would like confirmation since a lifer. Birding today accidentally flushed a common poorwill (I thought and another birder by me said the same). Only got a brief flash of flight, then a Cooper's hawk attacked out of nowhere. Thanks!
  9. Photo from July 2020 in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  10. Well, bank are rarer here. This spot has had 5 different kinds of swallows regularly (but no bank this time of year). This morning I saw this and thought hey first bank of the year nice. Later talked myself out of it... wait, could this be a.... ?
  11. Today in southern Nevada. Mixed in with a lot of northern rough-winged was one barn swallow and this one that seemed to be a bank but I wasn't sure. Thanks!
  12. I should've mentioned it was bobbing like a spotted sandpiper. Yes, very good bird here! Only the second time I've ever seen one. This birding hotspot (giant lake in southern Nevada), looking at the bar graph data on eBird, a solitary sandpiper has never been seen here outside of July / August / September. There was also a cattle egret here today, which I've only seen in July in past years.
  13. Final comment from me I think. ? The other birder sent me this photo and says it's a Franklin's.
  14. I ran into a birder who had seen it at the same time and taken this photo below. I couldn't tell if this is a Bonaparte's or Franklin's. Both are possible.
  15. Today in southern Nevada. Before dawn and a little too far for a better photo. Thanks!
  16. Today in southern Nevada. Kinda rare in these parts, want to make sure I'm eBirding correctly. Thanks!
  17. I see, thank you. I won't make that mistake again. The final bird is also an Anna's and not a black-chinned?
  18. Not sure if I'm looking at broad-tailed or Annas. Today in southern Nevada, higher elevation of about 4,000 ft. Thanks!
  19. Today in southern Nevada. Looking thru photos, realized I'm not sure what the rear bird is that I dismissed this morning. Thanks!
  20. Today, reeds / marshy area in southern Nevada. Thanks! whatsmall.wav
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