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  1. Today at a huge lake in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  2. Forgot to mention, this bird was with several cinnamon teals and a green-winged teal.
  3. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Mallard x Gadwall? Running the photos thru Merlin gives results like garganey or wood duck. Thanks!
  4. Didn't mean to sound like I was discounting the great advice here, that I rely on often. The knowledge here backed up my belief this was a pure bird. The situation was... well-known birder says this is a hybrid... seems pure to me... what do you guys think? I was just reporting the original birder changed his mind so there was no longer a 'what is it?' question locally. Always thanks!
  5. Update: This bird is being reported as a Ridgway Rail by other birders today.
  6. Update. After discussion from the local community, and the original birder sending photos to his friends in Europe, it's been concluded this is an Eurasian wigeon. That's a relief for me. ? Thanks for the input!!!
  7. Ah, I should've mentioned. Local birder is calling this bird a hybrid because of "bit of green on the left side" that "could be seen in the field" and "no rusty on the flanks, pure gray"
  8. Yesterday in southern Nevada. I thought these two were Brewer's. Another birder today reported 2 Vespers at this spot, making me wonder if I was wrong. Thanks!
  9. Today near the mountains in southern Nevada. Sagebrush and Bell's are common at that spot this time of year. Thanks!
  10. Virginia rail? Today in southern Nevada, in the reeds by the wash. Thanks! railmaybe.wav
  11. Forgot to mention, Merlin could not ID this bird. It would give Bendire's, crissal, or curve-billed thrasher depending on the angle.
  12. Today in southern Nevada. Northern mockingbirds are very common. I've never seen one this color. Thanks!
  13. Today in southern Nevada. Double-crested are very common. Neotropic are unusual but not extremely rare. The photo with a cormorant on the far left and right, I thought the one on the left was a double-crested and the one on the right was a neotropic, it seems much smaller.
  14. Today in southern Nevada. Rare here but has been reported at this spot recently. Thanks!
  15. Today in southern Nevada. Barn or Cliff? This single swallow was with about 150 tree and rough-winged. I misidentified a similar swallow a few days ago and want to make sure I'm eBirding correctly. ? Thanks!
  16. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Driving in an area I've only seen red-tailed hawks and golden eagles. A largish, whitish, bird flew by, pulled over to get photos but didn't catch him well. Thanks!
  17. Yesterday on the Nevada / Arizona border. Thanks! DSCN0616.wav
  18. Yesterday in southern Nevada. This is a flicker red shafted x yellow shafted? I was the only one who didn't get a CONFIRMED on the rare eBirds list today which always bugs me. ? Merlin says it's a Gilded which are here but typically a good hour drive south. I thought the yellow shafts and red on the back of the neck made this a yellow-shafted hybrid. Thanks!
  19. Today in southern Nevada. Want to make sure I'm eBirding correctly. ? Thanks!
  20. Today in southern Nevada. Just checking. ? Merlin says the gull in flight is a Mew gull. Thanks!
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