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  1. I should've mentioned it was bobbing like a spotted sandpiper.  Yes, very good bird here!  Only the second time I've ever seen one.  This birding hotspot (giant lake in southern Nevada), looking at the bar graph data on eBird, a solitary sandpiper has never been seen here outside of July / August / September.  There was also a cattle egret here today, which I've only seen in July in past years.

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  2. Didn't mean to sound like I was discounting the great advice here, that I rely on often.  The knowledge here backed up my belief this was a pure bird.  The situation was... well-known birder says this is a hybrid... seems pure to me... what do you guys think?  I was just reporting the original birder changed his mind so there was no longer a 'what is it?' question locally.  Always thanks!

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