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  1. Thanks for the input. This bird is rare here. In the last 2 years I've only seen one twice, and they had an all-red head. I couldn't find any other photos of this bird with this kind of pattern on the face.
  2. This week in southern Nevada. Lesser black backed gull? Iceland gull? Little stumped with this one. Was with a large number of ring-billed and California. I got a lesser black backed at this same spot a week ago but this seems to be a different a bird. One Iceland has also been reported here recently. Thanks!
  3. Today by a huge lake in southern Nevada with a couple hundred California and ring-billed gulls. One lesser black backed gull has been seen here a few times recently. Thanks!
  4. Today in Las Vegas. Want to make sure I'm eBirding correctly. ? Thanks!
  5. Today in southern Nevada. Red-shafted Northern Flickers are very common here. I've seen a couple yellow-shafted but they are very rare. I think Gilded is possible. This flicker seems to have yellow shafts and possibly an orange crescent on the back of the head. Thanks!
  6. Two local authorities identified 2 of these as Herring, so this bird below is the only one I was uncertain of.
  7. Today in southern Nevada. Before dawn and far so horrible photos. Thanks!
  8. Today in southern Nevada. Went looking for an Iceland gull reported yesterday at a lake nearby. Looking thru huge numbers of ring-billed, found 3 gulls with black bills (as the Iceland gull reported yesterday had) and did my best to photograph every angle and in flight if possible. Thanks!
  9. Confirm Pacific wren? Today in southern Nevada. Would be pretty rare. I think the last reported one in this county was January 2020. Thanks!
  10. All of these are golden eagles? Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  11. Not sure of a couple hawks today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  12. Today in southern Nevada. I thought it was a bald, as is common at this lake, but it was hunting over the nearby desert. Thanks!
  13. Today near Las Vegas. Would be quite rare here. Thanks!
  14. Yesterday in southern Nevada. Not sure about the female in the first photo at the left and the males. Their sides don't seem to look like any common or Barrow's I've seen, not that I've seen a lot. ? Female in the 3rd photo is a Barrows? Thanks!
  15. In the second-to-last photo, the 2 birds on the right seem to have much thinner bills than the surf. To me, they don't seem like the surf or the ONE black scoter that's been here. Maybe just wishful thinking. ? I've been hoping for a white-winged scoter or long-tailed duck to show up, they did at this time two years ago.
  16. Are all of these surf scoters? Today in southern Nevada. A few surf scoters and one black scoter have been visiting the lake here for a few days (pretty rare). Checking on them this morning there seemed to be some with a thinner bill. Thanks!
  17. If the second bird is a vermilion flycatcher, I've never seen one like it. ? Both birds are common in my area. I'd say it's a vermilion flycatcher and a Say's phoebe.
  18. Canvasback in flight? And? Not sure what the rest are. Today in southern Nevada. Thanks!
  19. Today in Las Vegas. Bewick's and marsh wrens are common here. Not sure about this one. Thanks!
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