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  1. Looks like a good candidate for Great Lakes Gull to me (Herring x Great Black-backed).
  2. akiley

    Which Chickadee?

    David Sibley stated in his blog that up to 2/3 of chickadees in the overlap zone can be hybrids. They're often not identifiable.
  3. akiley

    More gulls!

    Size can be both confusing and misleading in gulls.
  4. akiley

    More gulls!

    Size varies a lot. Most Iceland Gulls arr a bit smaller and more slender than Herrings, but there's so much variation- sometimes you'll get a big Iceland that could be confused with Glaucous. Glaucous Gulls are larger than Herring, with some males approaching Great Black-backed in size. That bird is probably a big Herring, but it's not possible to tell for sure.
  5. akiley

    More gulls!

    The interesting bird I see here is in the 4ty photo down- the big, slightly pale young bird right in the middle preening- with a duck and a Herring Gull in the water directly behind it. It's probably just a big Herring, but other photos might be able to rule out Iceland or Glaucous.
  6. akiley

    More gulls!

    There are only two species here. Herring and Great Black-backed. I can't find a single Ring-billed here. A number of these Herrings are almost, but not quite adult (3rd or 4th cycle) and have darkness on the tip of the bill, appearing like a Ring-billed. Note that these birds are bulkier and bigger structurally to help rule out RB.
  7. akiley


    Not in this plumage. Adults have yellow legs. This is a first-cycle bird. Edit- The Bird Nuts beat me to it.
  8. akiley

    Songbird in South TX

    This is for sure a Western Tanager. While an interesting site, I don’t like to rely on iNat to get IDs. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of people making IDs on there who don’t really know what they’re doing.
  9. akiley


    Yes, RB Nut.
  10. First-cycle or first-winter would also be appropriate descriptors for this bird.
  11. Looks like a Rusty to me as well. Brightening up the photos might give some more detail, but it looks good from what I can tell.
  12. akiley

    Sharp-shinned Hawk?

    I agree with Sharpie.
  13. akiley


    I agree that Tony's comment wasn't too helpful, but he does have a point that learning common birds is better done with a field guide than getting single IDs such as here. It's better for learning. Also, note who you're calling out on this 🙂
  14. akiley

    American Black Ducks?

    Agreed with Tony. I see banded Mallards frequently.