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  1. Any feature involving orange/red color definitely isn't relevant for basic plumaged birds. I would agree with SB for the reasons you mentioned on the open wing and also, these birds seems fairly slim in shape. I don't get a LB impression from either bird.
  2. Least for me. Bird is pretty compact and short primary projection.
  3. Tree Swallow is correct. No American, just Tree Swallow.
  4. Why not Ring-necked Pheasant with that long tail?
  5. I agree with one Cackling in the front of the first photo. Looks fine for Richardson's.
  6. I would say so. Celata is pretty much out of range (only a couple of AZ records), and lack of streaking on the breast favors orestera as well.
  7. That's concerning. This bird is obviously a Snow. Not even a hybrid candidate.
  8. Tried to circle it here. Hopefully this works.
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