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  1. Look at the dark tips to the outer primaries. That’s the clincher for Little Blue.
  2. Yes, looks like a female Red-winged Blackbird.
  3. Anything that is not an adult male Rufous is not identifiable with photos like this.
  4. This bird is an adult male Rufous, with the entirely rufous back. This is the only age/sex/plumage combination that is identifiable without either photos of a spread tail or banding.
  5. It's a Western Gull I believe, although I'm not 100% sure I could rule out Western x Glaucous-winged (Olympic Gull). The northern Western Gulls generally belong to a subspecies that is lighter on the mantle, which could be the bet explanation here.
  6. Broad-winged Hawk, House Wren, Eastern Wood-Pewee, American Robin, Brown-headed Cowbird, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Indigo Bunting, Empidonax sp., possibly Least Flycatcher, but not IDable from this likely.
  7. This is a House Finch. And crossbills are finches as a side note.
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