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  1. I'd also say that in my experience Acadians tend to be more olive-green, a lighter shade that this appears here. But they eyering is interesting.
  2. Agreed. A bright juv Semipalmated. Western would have a longer bill and more distinct rufous on the scapulars.
  3. I don't like the color or structure here for Acadian. I think it's fine for Pewee.
  4. Agreed. Buffy yellow supercilium and streaked throat.
  5. I'm seeing Semis except I'm not sure about the last two photos.
  6. It's not a Least based on size/structure. This is tough. It's probably a backlit Common but I can kind of see why you thought of Sandwich. Any other photos, even poor may help.
  7. 1 is a Black-bellied, 2 is a Golden, and 3 looks like another Black-bellied. Nice golden with the tiny bill.
  8. Indeed. Those are Dowitchers with their bills tucked in. Look like SB to me but any other pics?
  9. I'm getting a Caspian impression from that bird. Looks big and bulky. Those are Least Sandpipers.
  10. Purple or Cassin's Finch for me. Not sure which one is more common where you are.
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