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  1. akiley

    Vesper Sparrow?

    Looks good for Ipswich.
  2. These photos might have to go somewhere else. Nothing against Whatbird of course, but nobody seems to know 🙂 @Jim W are you on Facebook?
  3. 1) Red-tailed 2) House Sparrow 3) Common Grackle
  4. I'd lean towards nonbreeding male Scarlet here. The wings are really dark, the bill looks big, and I'm seeing no gray on the back.
  5. akiley

    Cackling Goose?

    Looks good, seeing that second photo.
  6. akiley

    Cackling Goose?

    Any more photos? I’m on the fence here.
  7. Looks like a Pine Siskin, and the other bird in the last few seconds a House Finch.
  8. That's a flock of Sanderling.
  9. I think 3 is either a Broad-winged or Red-shouldered.
  10. akiley

    Snow Bunting?

    This is not a Horned Lark or a Snow Bunting. The 3rd to last photo looks like a Chickadee somewhat. But none of the other pics seem to suggest that or anything else definitive. I think these pics are best left unidentified.
  11. The bird in the first 3 pics is indeed a Richardson’s Cackling. The bird that’s swimming next to it in the other pics is not convicncing for another Cackler to me. Bill looks rather large and long, a decent amount bigger than the Cackling overall, and the back isn’t frosty at all. It may be a hybrid if not a really small Canada. But the bird in all pics with the really stubby bill, frosty back, and slight white ring on the neck is a slam-dunk Cackler. Congrats!
  12. akiley

    Brant? {iBird]

    In the iBird page, the illustration looks okay for a wild bird, but all of the real photos are domestic.