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  1. Yup. Solid orange/light brown back, minimal spotting on the breast (and that is light in color), etc.
  2. Small migrant Canadas. Richy's Cacklers aren't much bigger than a Mallard.
  3. Why not ask odd dark juv Snow Goose?
  4. You may be right. Missed that. There's a fairly large size range for Richy's Cackling but it's a tough angle to say much.
  5. Female type House Sparrow. Facial pattern is visible here, although not easily.
  6. No. Different species. Purple Gallinule is a native bird. The FL (and Georgia record) swamphens are introduced.
  7. You may know the name Purple Swamphen. A few years ago it was split into 5 or 6 species, and Gray-headed was determined to be the one that is introduced in FL for the most part.
  8. That's a small Canada. Bill is too long and shape is off.
  9. Interesting thoughts. If you take about an inch and a half off the bill (as it appears here) everything else seems at least decent for Hooded, no? Tough photo.
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