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  1. It's a tanager. I believe Hepatic. Not as bright as Summer Tanager.
  2. Shape and structure look fine for Common Goldeneye for the right bird as well.
  3. griseus (Atlantic) Short-billed, with minimal orange. Hendersoni Short-billed and Long-billed are much richer in color.
  4. Either Common or Forster's. Doesn't less black in the wing and stronger forked tail favor Forster's?
  5. Brown Thrasher. No tail it appears. Nice bird!
  6. Hermit. Reddish tail and dark spotting on the breast.
  7. I agree with Tony. This is a Greater Scaup. Wde bill with a large black "nail". Lessee Scaup have noticibly narrower bills. I find this useful with a good look at a bird.
  8. Yup. A good reminder that juveniles of basically all sparrows are heavily streaked (in addition to date here). And many aren't seen much south of their breeding grounds. White-crowned for example. There are so many "juvenile" White-crowns reported across the country. I've seen many immature White-crowns but exactly zero juveniles.
  9. Yes, male Summer. Large bill and light wing (not black).
  10. Agreed. Orestera is gray-headed, like celata.
  11. All Western Gulls. Not seeing any obviously Glaucous-winged influence.
  12. Red-shouldered. Long-winged buteo with pale crescents in the wing.
  13. Good point. I'm good with Herring.
  14. Probably Herring although I was going to say Great Black-backed before seeing the location. Looks big, thick bill, checkering pattern on back. Would be a major rarity there no? I guess Herring.
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