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  1. Both Pied-billed. Even in the poor photo, the structure/shape is apparent on the right bird.
  2. 2nd is a Vesper. Strong facial pattern and nice eyering to name a couple things.
  3. And I agree with Coop. Long tail, fairly bulky, teardrop streaking.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's fairly typical for juv accipiters to have white spots on the back. The head may be leucism. If I remember correctly, Sibley illustrates this.
  5. Snow/Ross' x Canada/Cackling hybrid. It's tough to be more specific than this. The bill looks small, so I don't think it's Canada x Snow. I bet one of the parents is either Ross' or Cackling.
  6. Agreed. Also note the white in the wing visible here for mockingbird.
  7. There are many different subspecies groups. You're likely used to Oregon Juncoes. This is a Slate-colored, of the nominate subspecies, Junco hyemalis hyemalis.
  8. It's a jaeger for sure. It looks pretty bulky which is good for Pom. I don't have any personal experience with that species so I'll let someone who does say for sure.
  9. 1) Red-shouldered it appears 2) Yes 3) Yes plus two Ruddies 4) RW Blackbird
  10. Yes. All breeding plumage Western Willets.
  11. Slate-colored x Oregon is what many people think Cassiar is.
  12. Fun stuff. First two look good for Cassiar, but who knows what Cassiar is. Second looks okay for Oregon to me, at least mostly.
  13. 1) Pectoral 2) Greater Yellowlegs 3) Dunlin 4) Least Sandpiper 5) Rusty Blackbirds.
  14. Correct. Probably a male as it looks tiny.
  15. All Ring-billed in the first photo, second is an adult Herring.
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