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  1. You and Kevin may be right with Nashville. I personally don't get a small, tiny impression, but it's not really possible to tell here.
  2. That's a Green-winged Teal. I'll go MacGillivray's on the warbler. Can't see a partial eyering, but it's too far out of range to seriously consider Mourning from these pics. Nashville is the other option, but I'm not seeing this as one.
  3. 1) That's a peep. Looks good for Western 2) Yes, Acadian. Greenish overall, very long primaries 3) Yes, Summer. Nice big bill.. 4) Least Sandpiper 5) Dunlin 6) Yes, BT Green 7) Magnolia Warbler. Note that undertail pattern 😎8- Emoji won't go away- Scarlet Tanager 9) Bay-breasted Warbler 10) Looks like another Bay-breasted
  4. Look at the streaking on the bird. Lincoln's has grayish, extremely thin streaking on the breast. Medium thickness and darker here.
  5. By the warn, rather than crisp, fresh plumage this is an adult. Not possible to tell sex.
  6. This is a Lesser for the reasons Jerry Friedman mentioned, especially the fact that the white wing wing bar is only present in the secondaries, and stops before the primaries. That's diagnostic, if I remember correctly. Head shape is variable and hard to assess in one photos.
  7. Both are Blackpolls. Amount of visible streaking is variable, so note the orange toes/feet. Bay-breasted and Pine will not show this.
  8. Structure looks better for LB for at least some of these birds.
  9. White-throated, Brewer's Blackbird I believe, Lincoln's.
  10. I believe 1 is a Hermit. 2 is one, 3 is Brown Thrasher for sure, and I'm leaning Tennessee on the warbler.
  11. This looks like the western subspecies lutescens, which is much yellower than Eastern birds.
  12. Both Common Yellowthroats. First looks like an adult female and the second a first-winter bird, not sexable.
  13. The wigeon? American with the cream forehead.
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