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  1. Still House. Curved culmen (top of the bill) and brown streaking on the flanks (versus having red there).
  2. I see what you're saying with Stilt but I'm not sure that's right. Barring on the sides and structure do look Stilt Sand like. If this is a Willet, it's a Western Willet, which have thinner bills than Eastern. The white in the wing here could be leucism, but something other than that just doesn't look right for Stilt to me. Bird seems really chunky for a species that shouldn't be much larger than a Dunlin. Bill also looks rather straight for Stilt I would think. Not sure either way, but just some thoughts.
  3. Any feature involving orange/red color definitely isn't relevant for basic plumaged birds. I would agree with SB for the reasons you mentioned on the open wing and also, these birds seems fairly slim in shape. I don't get a LB impression from either bird.
  4. Least for me. Bird is pretty compact and short primary projection.
  5. Tree Swallow is correct. No American, just Tree Swallow.
  6. Why not Ring-necked Pheasant with that long tail?
  7. I agree with one Cackling in the front of the first photo. Looks fine for Richardson's.
  8. I would say so. Celata is pretty much out of range (only a couple of AZ records), and lack of streaking on the breast favors orestera as well.
  9. That's concerning. This bird is obviously a Snow. Not even a hybrid candidate.
  10. Tried to circle it here. Hopefully this works.
  11. I was using "American" to refer to the North America breeding forms, specifically gambelli/frontalis in comparison to Greenland. gambelli/frontalis may be a better way to word the question. What I'm asking is are they Greenland (flav) or not?
  12. Absolutely. Bicknell's can be ruled out by range, and it doesn't look very reddish on the back/tail anyways.
  13. Thanks so much! American is the opinion of almost everyone I have asked.
  14. Hi- Connecticut has an exceptional record of 35 Greater White-fronted Geese at the moment. We are looking for input on subspecies, as to Greenland or American/gambelli. Here are a bunch of eBird lists: https://ebird.org/checklist/S64812147 https://ebird.org/checklist/S64832645 https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S64827431 https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S64882867 https://ebird.org/checklist/S65013089 https://ebird.org/checklist/S65249881 We are leaning towards gambelli based on the huge flock (Greenland is still a vagrant),mainly pink or pale orange bills, especially at the base, contesting with orange legs, thinner, less chocolate brown necks and head, thinner necks, broader whiteish fringing on the upperparts versus narrow and clearly gray, and broad white flank stripe. Thanks!
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