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  1. Why not 2nd cycle California? Bird doesn't look that petite to me, and that bill pattern is awful contrasting.
  2. Looks like a Spotted Sandpiper to me.
  3. Agreed. There is no way to identify non-adult male Rufous without spread tail shots, but Rufous is much more likely.
  4. It's a gull. I like Lesser Black-backed here.
  5. Check 2 again. It's a Herring Gull. Pink legs and bill pattern is fine. 3rd or 4th cycle?
  6. They're Ruddy Ducks. Maybe just a little staining on the face/head.
  7. By the way it's really dark-mantled, big and bulky. May be Kamchatka. If your friend has and shots of the open wing that would be great.
  8. https://ebird.org/checklist/S63697145 This location?
  9. Yes!! Is this bird still there?
  10. 1) Ruby-crowned Kinglet or Hutton's Vireo. Someone can analyze the wing pattern better than I can on my phone. 2) Black-bellied 3) Sanderling
  11. White-crowned, Swamp, Eastern Phoebe, Say's Phoebe?, Yellow-rumped.
  12. Isn't the bill too large for Cackling or Ross' to likely be one of the parents?
  13. First three photos are Caspian.
  14. That sounds good. There are no Semis in the US in winter.
  15. Black-bellied, Horned, Red-breasted. Any more pix of the sandpiper and when was this taken?
  16. Canvasbacks, Ring-necked and female scaup. Thinking Lesser but tough to tell.
  17. Welcome to Whatbird! Thanks for sharing. It's tough to get any color on it but shape/structure look classic for Green Heron.
  18. Regular Domestic Muscovy for me.
  19. Yeah it's pretty clearly a Canada. Everything else is a Cackling.
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