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  1. Then maybe it has some Glaucous-winged influence.
  2. Western. Big and chunky. I think the lighting is making the mantle looks lighter.
  3. Red Knots also have shorter but thicker bills.
  4. That's a rail of some species. Maybe Virginia. I'm glad it's in good hands.
  5. 1) Western Gull on left, California on right, and then a solo California 2) Yes, Western Willet specifically 3) Yes, Song 4) I think so but I'm not an expert at western hummingbirds 5) House Finch
  6. Typical calurus (Western) Red-tailed. Dark bellyband, dark patagial bars.
  7. Looks good for Mallard. Maybe some domestic genes.
  8. That works now. It's not giving me a jaeger impression, looks more like a gull. Wait for other options.
  9. All three are Lesser Black-backed. Nice birds.
  10. Maybe GW Teal for the back bird. Not sure. Probably not identifiable.
  11. This is a Turkey Vulture. Black Vultures are all black on the body, as well as head. Both of those are clearly not black here. As stated prior, Black Vulture is completely unexpected in this location.
  12. Looks like a duck to me. I'd guess Blue-winged Teal or Northern Shoveler as the bill looks fairly big.
  13. Yellow-throated Warblers have a distinct facial pattern and black and white body. Regardless of photo quality, this is not one.
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