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  1. Any other pics of 1? 2 is a first-cycle Ring-billed.
  2. I'm not seeing anything to suggest vireo here. I see a Myrtle Yellow-rumped.
  3. The female is probably a Greater as well. But there's nothing wrong with Greater/Lesser Scaup.
  4. Male on the left looks like a Greater. I doubt the rest are identifiable. I assume you know there's a Coot and Ruddy there too.
  5. 1) Domestic Mallard 2) Domestic (Swan?) Goose x Canada hybrid 3) Domestic Mallards
  6. I agree on hybrid for this but I have a general question. Can pure ABDU have any white in the tail?
  7. I think the bill pattern is good for Cali as well. Strong demarcation between pink and black with no smudging.
  8. It may be an Iceland Gull but the photo is likely too poor to tell. Iceland, either Kumlien's or Thayer's should be quite rare in TX. Structure looks a little Herring-like. I'm not surprised if that's what this bird is.
  9. I meant yes to species. You're correct, either adult female or immature. Not sure if there's a way to tell at this time of year.
  10. 1) Looks like a Gadwall 2) Redheads 3) Gadwall
  11. I think it looks okay for Herring but I'm not sure. Something looks a little off but I can't place it. Agreed with Ringer and Cali in the last pic.
  12. This looks good for Prairie (Merlin) as well.
  13. Why not Prairie? Looks pretty light blue above. A lot of contrast between the body and the black wings. Taiga should be darker gray above and have some, but little contrast between the back and the wings. Black Merlin has no contrast.
  14. Here's a bird that Steve Mlodinow called Tav x Richy: https://ebird.org/checklist/S53611300 https://ebird.org/checklist/S53951527
  15. Looks fine for Lincoln's. Many sparrows can show a dark spot on the breast in certain circumstances.
  16. Bill looks a little long to me on that right bird.
  17. I'm not an expert on West Coast gulls but from what I know I would agree with Glaucous-winged x Western. Western Gulls, especially immature birds tend to have really thick bills, so maybe this bird has more Western that Glaucous-winged in it. I don't think it's a Slaty-backed.
  18. The center bird is a Cackling. But to its lower right is not.
  19. Yes, Lesser. White not extending to primaries is diagnostic. Everything else that I can see looks good as well.
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