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  1. I downloaded GIMP a while back and found it rather confusing to use. RawTherapee was something I was planning on trying sometime.
  2. I see the point @Administratorwas trying to make about more expert birders seeing the post rather than beginners, but how is that accomplished by having the posts exist in a separate forum?? I'm not seeing how that would make any difference, and doing that would actually complicate things, IMO.
  3. Okay, interesting. It would be unusual for me as well.
  4. I thought Savannah too, but this was at a feeder, which kinda points away from that species in terms of probability.
  5. Hi- welcome back! This is actually another Bobolink- female or immature.
  6. 1+2) Definitely subadult Cali Gulls 3) Looks like a fresh juvenile California 4) Adult Heermann's 5) Young Western 6) Heermann's 7) Western
  7. Definitely GRCA, aged as a juvenile by the fleshy gape visible here.
  8. This is a domestic Mallard. They are extremely variable in color pattern! There are a ton of different varieties.
  9. Looks like an Eastern Phoebe- note darkish head and overall shape/structure.
  10. 1) Juvenile sparrow, probably Song 2) Green Heron
  11. I think the other birds are House Sparrows.
  12. And just a note, Pewees are flycatchers.
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