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  1. You're right. 3 Purples and Dunlins.
  2. I just see California, Heermann's and one Western. Not sure if Iceland meant Thayer's or Kumlien's. There's a difference there in what to search for.
  3. Welcome to Whatbird. That's a European Starling.
  4. California in the back of photo 1 and on the left of photo 2. Everything else is a Western.
  5. I can't positively pick out anything other than Surf.
  6. I'm seeing Ring-necked and some Hooded Mergansers.
  7. These are all Laughing Gulls of various ages, except a few large brown Herring Gulls on the left side of the photo, and one adult Ring-billed just right of center.
  8. Tundra Swans (adult and two immatures), and yes, Cackling Geese.
  9. You have two domestic birds. A goose and a white domestic Mallard.
  10. Yes, that's a Long-billed in the back. Shape and structure, as well as wing pattern are solid.
  11. That is exactly correct about eBird. There's really no clear answer to what parvipes is. Steve is definitely the guy for Canada/Cackling Goose subspecies.
  12. Yes, that's a small migrant Canada Goose. Cackling Geese have very tiny bills.
  13. I agree with Coop for the main bird.
  14. Looks like a hawk to me. What hawk I don't know.
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