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  1. Posted on another site yesterday and someone thought it was a green winged teal hen.
  2. Yeah, I guess so... The tail pattern was the part that was giving me difficulty.
  3. Saw this bird on Feb 7 2019 in Laredo Texas. black-tailed Gnatcatcher?
  4. Poor quality shot - sorry. Was taken Feb 7th at Lake Casa Blanca in Laredo Texas. Saw a lot of Gadwall in the area, which is kinda what I want to call this hen but something isn't right.
  5. Sorry these are poor quality, he was really far away. Saw him today at a park in Austin Texas. I have a few thoughts but nothing seems to fit exactly.
  6. This was taken this am (Jan 29th ) around Austin Texas on the shore of a small lake. I'm thinking American Pipit.
  7. Allen1tx

    Bird ID help please

    Great info! Thank you!
  8. Allen1tx

    Bird ID help please

    Thanks! Appreciate the help!!
  9. This is my first post so please forgive me if I don't get this right. This guy showed up at our feeders in Austin Texas today. Thought it was strange that he would only eat from the suet feeder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!