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  1. Confirming Greater Scaup. Photo from Jan, 3 2020 Central Oklahoma
  2. Hopefully confirming Lesser Scaup. Photo from Jan 3, 2020. Central Oklahoma.
  3. I think you're right. Skylarks were all over the Big Island in August.
  4. Yes. There were coots and redheads everywhere. Somehow I managed to miss the buffleheads until I got home and looked at the pic. They really stand out so I don't know how I missed them!!
  5. Forgot to mention that these were observed Nov 1 at a large lake in central Oklahoma
  6. Having trouble with the two white birds mixed in with the Redheads. Observed Nov 1 in central Oklahoma.
  7. Fairly sure these are Scaup. Please correct me if not. Assuming they are.. Greater or Lesser? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hawks always get me confused. I'm thinking Red-shouldered. Photos taken Nov 1 in Central Oklahoma. Thanks in advance.
  9. Red tailed Hawk observed October 18th in Oklahoma city. Kiriders?
  10. Observed October 18 in Oklahoma City. Trying to between common or red-breasted
  11. Observed on October 16th in Edmond Oklahoma. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks. Initially thought chipping but talked myself out of it.
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