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  1. Lol, if I saw a bird THAT big, I would probably be running for cover.
  2. I was thinking about it being a Ferruginous Hawk for 2 reasons. I tried using the search function on this website and that was what it came up as. But, more importantly, It was the sounds the bird yesterday was making that sounded a lot like the Ferringinous calls. There is also a website that lists birds seen in this area. The Red-tailed Hawk is the most common year around. The bald eagle is also common, except for the summer. (This really surprised me). According to that list, Northern Harriers are uncommon, but people do see them in this area. After listening to the calls harriers make, it would not be a match for the day 2 raptor. Thank you for sharing your information.
  3. I love watching them too! When the weather is nice, I like to sit outside and watch them. They are so expressive with their different personalities. Having the Jays mobbing unwelcome hawks and chasing them is amazing. There was a lot of excitement when I would sit outside with them and they would suddenly fly away. Then they would be completely silent. I would search the sky and sure enough, there was a hawk.
  4. Yesterday, when I saw it in the tree, and saw my birds still eating, I felt like going outside and telling them to "hide, there's a hawk!" I am so used to seeing them fly off if there are hawks flying in the air or a sneaky Coopers hawk in a tree.
  5. I only began feeding the birds last year. I have become much more observant of the various Hawks I have seen then I had ever been in the past. I live in a more rural setting now. I have seen a couple red tails on my trees this past year. Saw one nearly grab one of my squirrels just as I stepped outside. I now know what a Cooper's hawk looks like, as they were camping my feeders. It has been amazing seeing the large variety of birds that visit my feeders. I am trying to get better at identifying hawks. So, I try to get a picture if I can. (I also try to get pictures of new birds I see and am unsure of). That bird yesterday was very striking and no doubt beautiful. The hawk today, one yesterday and the ? one in Jan were the biggest birds (of prey) I have ever seen in the wild. When that bird flew over me in Jan, It had come from someplace behind me as I was watching activity across the street. It was flying low. It really scared me, as I saw it only after it passed me and it was just so huge! On a drive out of town last week, I began counting all the hawks I saw perched along the highway! It seemed like every mile , there was another one. Hopefully, all 3 of the jumbo size raptors are just female red tail hawks and mystery solved. I am hoping some day I will be able to tell which raptor is which even with all their differences in appearance. We do have eagles in this area too. And if I ever see one, I am just hoping it will have the characteristic markings so I know what I am seeing! I really appreciate all of your help. And I a hoping to see the bird again and get better pictures
  6. So would I! When I saw it today, I very excitedly ran to get my camera that has a better zoom (the battery was being recharged, as I grabbed it yesterday too, but it was dead) . Unfortunately, it perched where it was partially blocked by branches of closer trees and it didn't sit there long enough for me to get the picture. I hope it returns and perches in a spot I can get a better view with a better camera. Here is a picture of the Jan bird, where only the back of it is visible. Taken from inside the house through the screen window.
  7. Todays sighting, yesterdays , and the huge bird in Jan. may all be different very large raptors.
  8. It was a lighter gray.. The sounds it was making today, didn't sound like a red tailed hawk. Which makes me wonder. The back side of it is not white, I only saw glimpses as I watched it fly across the field, or turning as it took off again. Looked brownish or possibly grayish, but not a dark shade. In January of this year, I saw an extremely large raptor in nearly the same spot. I could only see the back of it, but earlier that day, I think it had flown over my head and scared me quite a bit because of its size. I saw the white underside briefly before it landed. I only got a photo with my cell phone of the backside of that bird in Jan. Of course it may not be the same bird. The picture was taken inside my house, looking out the screen window. A local person thought this bird was a young bald eagle. It didn't have a white head.
  9. To the naked eye, it was quite white. I looked with my binoculars to determine whether it was as white as t appeared, or more buff or had some pattern. It had only few colored spots on it's snow white underside.
  10. Unfortunately, I saw it fly across the field and land in a neighbors tree again facing the other way and partially obstructed by branches. I used the 8x zoom on my camera for the photos I took yesterday, it was much further away then it seems to be. The tree in the picture it quite tall. Yesterday, when I looked with my 10x binoculars, I only saw very few colored blotches on it's very white underside. The beak was quite large and it was looking all around. the head looked grayish in my binoculars. Today I saw it fly from across the field to another tree a couple houses down. It looked huge. It sat there for a bit, while I ran to get my camera and cell phone, but before I could get either ready, it moved to a different and more obstructed tree. In flight, I saw that it looked quite white again. Then it flew somewhere else close, but my view was blocked and I heard it cry several more times. Wing span was at minimum 4 to 6 feet. My blue jays, cardinals and smaller birds continued eating with it near by. I will be keeping my eyes out for it today.
  11. Hi again all. I saw it again today, but couldn't get a picture. I heard it cry several times, it didn't sound like a red tail. it sounded closest to a Ferruginous Hawk. I live in Kansas in the KC area and I know I am a bit further away then where they should be seem. Of course this could a different huge bird with white underparts. I hope it comes back and perches so I can try for another picture.
  12. Thank you. Maybe this was a female of the species. It looked like someone built a snowman in that tree it was so large and such a bright white.
  13. Thank you for the replies, it is just much larger then other red tails I have seen. Just a big one I guess. I am surprised the songbirds were still feeding with this hawk so visibly perched, is that normal? I am new to all of this as you can no doubt tell. Thank you for your quick replies. Pretty hawk.
  14. Today as I opened the back door to put out more peanuts, I was shocked to see this extremely large bird of prey perched high in a tree a good distance from me. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and binoculars to get a better look. It is white underneath and it looked like possibly a light grey head. It had the expected beak. What also surprised me was that my little songbirds were continuing to feed with this enormous predator clearly in view. Any idea as to what bird this is? Thank you.
  15. That is a pretty bird and great photo.
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