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  1. Thanks Tony. My confusion comes about with how far up onto the breast the yellow goes. Most images I see of the Western only go about 1/2 way Where this one is approaching the throat area.
  2. Taken this last week in South Florida between Ftl Lauderdale and Miami. I originally labeled it a Western (a bit more common) now I'm thinking Tropical. Thoughts...
  3. I'm thinking Solitary Sandpiper. Taken in Upstate NY in May. Thanks, gm
  4. Would appreciate some assistance with ID of this bird. Seen along Ohio border of Lake Erie in mid May. Thanks, gm
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. Much appreciated. gm
  6. Taken at Magee Marsh during mid May migration. Northern Ohio... Bird small.tif
  7. A Brown-crested was observed here yesterday but I believe this is more likely a Great-crested. Thoughts..... Taken today at Lucky Hammock about 1 mile outside the entrance to the Everglades National Park in South Florida.
  8. I originally ID'd this bird as a Saffron Finch. Now am wondering if it is really a Yellow Warbler.
  9. BTW, I am thinking Pearly-eyed Thrasher. And I realize that this bird was seen on St Lucia, and not Aruba.
  10. Hoping for assistance with ID. I have a few others as well. Thanks, gm 3V6A7517.CR2
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