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  1. Small gull seen in Western Washington. In this area, a solitary Mew Gull has been spotted recently (early migrant) at this location (Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually NWR) and I have a feeling this might be the one. Does it check out? Was quite smaller than the rest of the birds nearby, but I'm not sure whether or not it's a 2nd Year Ring-Billed or California. Thanks for the help!
  2. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading/opening this file, if so I will try and upload it again in a different format.
  3. Hello! Heard this bird singing for a while, made this same repeating noise over and over again. Searched through every single bird on Merlin (in our area) and couldn't match the song. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much for the help! Please let me know! I'm desperate. 9415 Miller Rd NE.m4a
  4. I feel like it's an immature Savannah Sparrow. That's my best guess, it's in an area with a lot of other Savannah Sparrows as well (Union Bay Natural Area). But I'm really not sure. As a new birder, I didn't realize how difficult immature sparrows were! I figured this was just an adult I'd never seen before 😛
  5. Not sure if it's an immature of something, or a sparrow I've never seen! Thanks!
  6. This might be the worst picture ever taken, but I figured I might as well give posting this a shot. Grey back and tail, yellowish/whitish belly, seems to have a blackish eye bar or something? Was jumping around the grasses near a small marsh, then flew away. Was able to snap one picture but the camera wasn't focused! thanks!
  7. Not too sure about my vireos, just being sure. Warbling Vireo? Thanks!
  8. Seen in Seattle, WA. A orange-crowned warbler? Femalee common yellowthroat? Let me know! Thanks so much.
  9. Would like some more opinions on this woodpecker. Seen in Seattle! Thanks a lot!
  10. Looking for an ID on this call. Suspecting a Hutton's Vireo based on its appearance, but just wanted to be sure. We saw it at Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington today. Any thoughts? Thanks! Discovery Park.m4a
  11. Sorry for the awful pictures! Cannot figure out what this is, hard to make out the colors but I believe I see a blue-ish bill, with a dark spot at the end? Spotted in Seattle, Washington. Thanks!
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