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  1. RustyE

    Hawk questions

    Yep IvoryBill, I missed that detail. That will happen when trying to ID off my phone..lol
  2. RustyE

    Hawk questions

    I would say based on the picture of the hawk from the back that is a juvenile red-tailed hawk. Red-tailed typically have a White V shape pattern when seen from the back. Makes me think juvenal based on your description of his actions and the color of his beak. An adult Hawk would be more cautious and would have not gotten so close. Also they usually only land on the ground with a meal.
  3. RustyE

    Help with this

    White-throated Sparrow
  4. RustyE

    Sandhill subspecies

    My guess is a lesser (Northern) Sandhill Crane
  5. RustyE

    Which falcon?

    My guess, and it's a guess because I have never seen one, is Prairie Falcon. Light coloring on the wings, strong and dark mustache.
  6. Closest thing I could find.... White-throated Shrike-Tanager https://ebird.org/species/wtstan1/L441922
  7. RustyE

    several from Nevada

    There was a report on EBird of one a few years back, and I think I would second the ID. 2017-02-04 1 Paul Rodriguez #3 I want to say looks like a Orange-crowned Warbler to me which has many, many reports this year in that location. #5 I am bad with shore birds, and can not figure this one out.
  8. RustyE

    several from Nevada

    I can help with the first two for now. Will see about the others if I can figure them out. #1 Gagwall #2 Eared Grebe
  9. Welcome to Whatbird Geno. Based on the map Charlie posted, It does show activity being reported, however, this is also a range between Jan-Feb, so it could be there is more predators in the area causing them to flee? Other then that and maybe a hard winter storm coming in to make them move south, I can't think of a reason they have left. I hope they return soon for you. Good Luck.
  10. RustyE

    Hawk ID

    BN beat me to it..lol
  11. RustyE

    Hawk ID

    In soaring and based on the spot coloring on the wings, it makes me thing Red-shouldered. A red-tailed would have more of a "U" shape when gliding. In the first picture (top left) it shows a bowed look which also makes me think Red-shouldered. Wait for more ID's though as I'm not 100% sure on this.
  12. RustyE

    Spring Migration 2019

    I'm seeing an increase of Pine Siskins right now. and less Goldfinches.
  13. RustyE

    We're back!

    I contacted someone at iBird on Facebook to let them know it was down. Good to see it back again. 😄
  14. Same as with the other post.... Bmurphy, location and date are always helpful for ID's, but in this finch I can see a great deal of red in the breast where a House Finch would have more brownish streaks. Around the eye you would see a lot more brown and there would be more brown on the back side of the head. Purple finch is my call.