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  1. 24 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Pretty sure #4 is a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher.  It's a bit far north for one this time of year, and the apparently broken eyering had me concerned.  Any other shots of #4?

    There was a report on EBird of one a few years back, and I think I would second the ID.

    2017-02-04 1 Paul Rodriguez


    #3   I want to say looks like a Orange-crowned Warbler to me which has many, many reports this year in that location.

    #5  I am bad with shore birds, and can not figure this one out.

  2. Welcome to Whatbird Geno.

    Based on the map Charlie posted, It does show activity being reported, however, this is also a range between Jan-Feb, so it could be there is more predators in the area causing them to flee? Other then that and maybe a hard winter storm coming in to make them move south, I can't think of a reason they have left. I hope they return soon for you.

    Good Luck.

  3. In soaring and based on the spot coloring on the wings, it makes me thing Red-shouldered. A red-tailed would have more of a "U" shape when gliding. In the first picture (top left) it shows a bowed look which also makes me think Red-shouldered. Wait for more ID's though as I'm not 100% sure on this.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, RustyE said:

    I can admit, I have not fully read the post. I also have been away from Whatbird for a few years, and can' remember what all area's we had before. I don't even see many names from years ago. So maybe I should step back and allow the new gen to vote. 

    No harm, no foul. ?

    Sorry, I ment.... can't remember what all area's we had before.

  5. As much as I love wildlife, I think if we add threads for thing unrelated to birds then we begin to get into the weeds per say. Maybe a thread for posting pictures of wildlife, but not for ID's.

    I voted NO, but mostly because it's to vague to say "off topic and other wildlife forums". Can you expand on the idea a bit more as to what kind of off topic and wildlife threads you think could be useful to the community here?

    Please don't think I am bashing your idea, I just feel it needs more explaining.

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  6. We normally put our feeders out the first week of April. I am in Kaufman County east of Dallas. We have always used sugar water too. The color red has no affect on them finding or coming to the feeders, which I guess you already know. I don't know that I can say whether we get more and more each year. I think it has more to do with the population, time on migration and amount of feeders you have out. The more feeders you have, the more birds you have.

    I wish we have more variety of hummers in our area. I get ruby's all day long, but the only other we have a chance to see is Black-chinned. Sibley's does say there is a rare chance to see Broad-Tailed and Rufous, but I'm not holding my breath. lol


    Good luck this year!! ?

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