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  1. I normally buy all my bird seed and stuff from Tractor Supply. My wife and I had some shopping to do at Wal-Mart and we went over to the bird seed area rather then make a second stop at Tractor Supply. I didn't note the brand name, but we saw a few suet blocks with mold in them. We took them to an associate. I don't know if any of you have a Tractor Supply near you, but I would recommend looking into the supply of bird products.

  2. Well, I have been gone for a long time. Have not had much time for birding as life got busy. I tried to to login a few days ago and found that there had been a crash and to old forum was no longer. I have been a member since somewhere around 2012-2013. I am also a Mod of the Whatbird Flickr Group.

    It's good to be back and I hope I can spend more time looking in on Whatbird and enjoying everyone photo's.

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