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  1. Mojave Desert (Loggerhead Shrike?) He was too far away to get a good shot, so this will have to do. Seldom ever see them. He was at the birdbath and all the birds scattered like they do when a hawk comes by.
  2. The New Challenge.......Any Owl on the ground....Not always easy but it's not suppose to be too easy.
  3. How about a Gamble's Quail and a Le Conte's Thrasher from this morning......Probably won't win a photo of the year award! 😀 but just might win this challenge?
  4. Black Tailed Jackrabbit from late afternoon today, Mojave Desert.
  5. They look so funny when they stand like this....Great Horned Owl, Mojave Desert.
  6. Mojave Desert ,Pipes Canyon . I took my photo and made it to look like a 1950s textured linen postcard.....remember them!
  7. Thanks Jerry, I have tried to move some to my yard (because I think they are cool) But they always die. So then I thought I'll just take some seeds from the seed pod. Just to find they are not seed pods at all....They are always empty. Now I know why.
  8. Mojave Desert......Some sort of seed pod.
  9. Mojave Desert, Great Horned Owl. This photo was taken at 6:06 am this morning, I guess he likes it there as it is now 11:37 am and he is still there......Gee it's hot 105f already.....Yikes
  10. Mojave Desert, Torch Cactus flower......They are a big flower (about 5" across) that only last for 1 day.
  11. I don't know what these are, but I like them.......From my yard in the Mojave Desert.
  12. Mojave Desert......The Cactus Wren don't come to the birdbath very often although they spend a lot of time at the Suet feeder which is about 20 ft away. WP_20210624_001 cactus wren_Trim.mp4
  13. Mojave Desert.....Mourning Dove doing some wing stretches in the birdbath. WP_20210621_001 Mourning Dove_Trim.mp4
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