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  1. Taken today 8 miles north of Yucca Valley CA.
  2. I can walk to this nest from my house. I will try to see if I can spot a parent. There is not lot a lot of protection there from predators and there are coyotes,roadrunners,hawks and the likes around here. Lets hope they can survive.
  3. This is 8 miles north of Yucca Valley Ca Mar 22 2020. I heard a bird fly out of a dead Joshua Tree lying on the ground. I didn't see the bird but I found a nest on the ground with 2 baby chicks. I couldn't get a better angle for the photo of the sleeping birds. Not a lot to go by but anyone care to guess what these this might be.
  4. Thrasher in the Mojave Desert Mar 20 2020. Camera Sony A7II w Tamron 150 - 600mm from about 20 ft. away.
  5. Well it was a good angle,good focus,shutter speed was good ........Not sure what went wrong !
  6. I use a Sony A7II and a Tamron 150 - 600mm lens. For sitting birds I use Aperture Priority. For BIF I use Shutter Priority to lock in the speed w about 2/3 stops over exposed because the camera will expose for the bight sky and not the bird. I live in the desert and the sky is very bright. I'm still learning to shoot birds and as you know things happen very fast. I'm not that good at it but I try.......Chris
  7. Thanks, That's not to far from me I may have to take a photo trip up there.
  8. Nice shot.....You don't see a lot of Eagles in this area that I know of. Did any of the photos show any leg bands, and when was this photo taken.....Thanks Chris
  9. I live in Yucca Valley right next to Joshua Tree National Park. Not a bird expert, but we do have American Kestrel here. We also have lots of Ravens but no Crows.
  10. This Chipmunk is in his usual "what did I do pose?" after spending the whole day chewing on every plant in yard. I am going to start listing my camera set up for those who might care. Maybe others will follow, I'd like to know what others use as well. This photo was shot with a Sony A7II and a Tamron 150 - 600mm lens from about 15ft away.
  11. Roadrunner, contemplating life on a Joshua Tree.
  12. Black-throated Sparrow? on a cholla cactus.......I can't even walk by a cholla without getting stabbed by them.....ouch!
  13. Yucca Valley in the Mojave desert looking north from the Mesa.
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