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  1. I switched my camera to B&W for a change of pace.....Cactus Wren
  2. Mojave Desert, rural Yucca Valley Ca..... this morning.
  3. Morning Dove......Mojave Desert, rural Yucca Valley Ca.
  4. I would consider renting the one you think might fit your needs best. You can only tell so much from reading about them. The auto focus will likely be pretty bad on all super zooms, so pay close attention to the manual focus and how easy or hard it is to work.
  5. LeConte's Thrasher. This guy looks like he has been around for a while with that worn-beak.
  6. Gambel Quail ....Mojave Desert rural Yucca Valley Ca.
  7. I was thinking Verdin also but I been wrong before....many times actually.
  8. Walked around with my camera this morning. All I found was a pigeon.
  9. Yes nature can get pretty gory and in a hurry. I was innocently photographing a Cactus Wren when this happened. All the sudden the Pigeons that were sitting on the pole scattered ,I didn't see the Merlin fly in. Next thing I know there are feathers floating down and the Roadrunner comes running in and I just keep shooting.
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