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  1. 8 miles north of Yucca Valley CA. This Hawk is one ornery guy who hangs out here in the rural hi desert. He has dive boomed me a few times, while squawking the whole time. Not sure why, I like all the birds here. But this guy is something else. Kind of funny actually. So what kind of Hawk is it.
  2. Saw this yesterday 8 Miles N of Yucca Valley Ca. He was larger then the 4 Ravens that were chasing him.That is a transmitter antenna on his back. These photos are from about 600 Ft away and enlarged in post. Not the best shots.
  3. Dove in the cold!
  4. Last night at dusk sitting on a Joshua Tree. 8 mil north of Yucca Valley Ca.
  5. 8 miles north of Yucca Valley in the Hi Desert. What Bird is this ? Photos taken today.
  6. 2/20/2019, In a rare snow storm, 8 miles north of Yucca Valley in California. Sparrow? Thanks
  7. 1-27-19...... 8 miles north of Yucca Valley Ca.
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