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  1. This photo is thru a widow/screen ,so not that sharp. My first Black Headed Grosbeak in the Mojave Desert.
  2. Gamble Quail (male) in the Mojave Desert. Giving me the look!
  3. Le Conte's Thrasher in the Mojave Desert. One of the fastest birds out here, hard to get them sitting still.
  4. 8 miles north Yucca Valley Ca today. Both photos are the same bird.
  5. Cooper's Hawk , Mojave Desert. This is another photo from 2 days ago when the hawk landed on my fence. I heard him fly in when all the other birds scattered. I grabbed my camera and walked right out the back door. He was not even 20 feet away and surprisingly he didn't fly away like you would expect. He just stood there. This just doesn't happen with Hawks around here.....very strange !
  6. Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler. Mojave Desert.... This guy made several trips to my rural desert yard yesterday. So rare to see one here, took lots of photos. Here is one of them. He seem to be all by himself, looking for a mate?
  7. Yellow-Rumped Warbler ? Today in the Mojave Desert at Yucca Valley. This is the first time I have seen one here.
  8. This was a lens test of a vintage Vivitar 135mm 2.8 lens on my Sony A7ll. This lens was made in the early 70s and the used price in only about $20. I have had this for years and never used it till today. I like it better then my Minolta 135mm from the same area. Photo is from about 5 ft away.
  9. Mojave Desert, LeConte's Thrasher. Late yesterday.
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