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  1. 14 years now living in the Ca Hi Desert and my total Waterfowl count is still zero. I guess my chances of winning this challenge are really not that great. But I have my camera ready just in case. ha ha
  2. Mojave Desert, rural part of Yucca Valley Ca. Camera Sony A7ll w Tamron 150 - 600mm lens. This is a LeConte's thrasher......He had just taken a bath in water In the I running under the pine tree. The birds love it when there is some water, out here in the hi-desert they don't see much in the summer so they are all jump in when it's available .
  3. Mojave Desert (Spiny Lizard) of some sorts ? Taken this morning in the rural part of Yucca Valley Ca. Camera Sony A7ll w Tamron 150 - 600MM lens.
  4. The very smokey skies from the Hi Desert in rural Yucca Valley Ca. This is looking west, Joshua Trees with the flattop mountains and Big Bear in the distance. We have been dealing with this smoke for most of the summer it seems.
  5. Is this a Red Tailed Hawk? Both photos are the same bird. Yesterday in the rural part of Yucca Valley Ca. Heard some noises outside my window. I Saw this Hawk under the barbecue not 3 feet from my house. It had a ground squire (chipmunk). Not much of a photo,the camera was set up for some low res YouTube photos I was shooting with a wide angle lens.....The Chipmunk finally got away, I'm sure he won't forget this close call.
  6. Scrub Jay in Mojave Desert rural Yucca Valley Ca. This is the first Scrub Jay I have seen out here. My be displace from the fire in the mountains 10 miles away. Super smokey out today, found out auto focus doesn't work well in the smoke, switched to manual focus on this shot. Sept 7 2020
  7. We don't see Pigeons much out here in the Hi Desert, but this one has been hanging around lately. Must be someone raising them.....Odd looking bird.
  8. A baby? Cactus Wren. Tried using sing my old Panasonic GH2 with a Panasonic 100/300mm lens. It is nice and light weight to carry but lacks that crisp quality I get from my Full Frame Sony A7ll.
  9. This never looks like a real comfy place to hang out. Yucca Valley Ca. Mojave Desert.
  10. Mama Gambel Quail and her 11 chicks, Yucca Valley, Mojave Desert......."Follow Me" and they due!
  11. Roadrunner from last week, rural Yucca Valley Ca...Mojave Desert.......To hot to shoot the last few days.
  12. Roadrunner and a Lizard. Yucca Valley, Mojave Desert.
  13. This Leconte's Thrasher has been coming to my yard lately here in the Mojave Desert @ rural part of Yucca Valley Ca. A very friendly guy, will come right up to me.
  14. I didn't quite catch what this Raven was saying but I don't think it was "have a nice day".
  15. Black Throated Sparrow...... Mojave Desert yesterday.
  16. "want to see my rocket pose"?
  17. I could see where landing on the top of a Joshua Tree might be a little dicey, but they do it all the time. Yucca Valley....Mojave Desert
  18. La Conte's Thrasher, saw this guy this morning at the seed feeder, he then when out in the weeds. Even out here in the rural desert (Yucca Valley Ca) we don't see them all that much. I wasn't able to get closer that about 75ft with a 600mm lens as he roamed the weeds out back.
  19. Roadrunner with nesting material. Yucca Valley Ca.
  20. Ground squirrel (chipmunk) eating Blue Beaver-tail Cactus seeds. This is one of those cactus that you just don't want to mess with as they are covered in glochids. Out here in the desert all the critters will ignore the Beaver-tails except for these guys, they love those springtime seeds.
  21. Ha Ha.... It has evolved since I put it in 12 years ago. It is basically a enamel pan with a swap cooler float to keep the water level full. The 1/4" copper tube is the water line. The problems are the Coyotes would turn over the pan, so I put tent spikes to hold it down. They also love to steel the blue plastic float so I added the the 1/2" metal tubes with the hardware cloth to cover the float. They had taken that float about 10 times, but so far this has stop them . This is a very popular place for all the animals and birds, they all know right were it is. Out here in the desert you better have water out if you want the wildlife to come around.
  22. Not a bird we see much out here in Yucca Valley Ca. I have seen a few but they were much smaller then this. That's my water hole and the pan is 12" round. Photo was captured from video so the quality is just so so.
  23. I think I should have said no blurry bird feeder photos 🙂
  24. Gamble Quail.....Sony A7ll w Tamron 150 - 600mm lens. Yucca Valley Ca. Mojave Desert.
  25. ANY..... two Hummingbirds in the same photo.
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