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  1. Ground squirrel (chipmunk) eating Blue Beaver-tail Cactus seeds. This is one of those cactus that you just don't want to mess with as they are covered in glochids. Out here in the desert all the critters will  ignore the Beaver-tails except for these guys, they love those springtime seeds.


    resize_DSC04327 1.jpg

    resize_DSC04303 1.jpg

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  2. 1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    @Chris Clem, what's the purpose of your 'water hole'?  I can't figure out all the poles and pipes and nets!

    Ha Ha.... It has evolved since I put it in 12 years ago. It is basically a enamel pan with a swap cooler float to keep the water level full. The 1/4" copper tube is the water line. The problems are the Coyotes would turn over the pan, so I put tent spikes to hold it down. They also love to steel the blue plastic float so I added the the 1/2" metal tubes with the hardware cloth to cover the float. They had taken that float about 10 times, but so far this has stop them . This is a very popular place for all the animals and birds, they all know right were it is. Out here in the desert you better have water out if you want the wildlife to come around.

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  3. On 5/5/2020 at 8:48 AM, Seattle said:

    I was driving along and looking out the window when I saw this beautiful great egret sitting on top of a tree preening it's feathers.  So I quickly turned around and then turned around again so the bird was on my side of the car.  I stuck the camera out the window just as it had it's beautiful feathers spread out!  Snap, snap, snap - this was going to be a beautify shot.  30 miles down the road I went to look at the picture and what did I find?  "there is no card in the slot".   ANYWAY - that would have been my best shot of the day!  

    Been there.....I now leave the camera card door open when I remove the card so that I can't miss the open door when I pick up the camera. This simple trick has really work for me.

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