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  1. Black-throated Sparrow? on a cholla cactus.......I can't even walk by a cholla without getting stabbed by them.....ouch!
  2. Yucca Valley in the Mojave desert looking north from the Mesa.
  3. 8 miles north of Yucca Valley CA. This Hawk is one ornery guy who hangs out here in the rural hi desert. He has dive boomed me a few times, while squawking the whole time. Not sure why, I like all the birds here. But this guy is something else. Kind of funny actually. So what kind of Hawk is it.
  4. Saw this yesterday 8 Miles N of Yucca Valley Ca. He was larger then the 4 Ravens that were chasing him.That is a transmitter antenna on his back. These photos are from about 600 Ft away and enlarged in post. Not the best shots.
  5. Last night at dusk sitting on a Joshua Tree. 8 mil north of Yucca Valley Ca.
  6. 8 miles north of Yucca Valley in the Hi Desert. What Bird is this ? Photos taken today.
  7. 2/20/2019, In a rare snow storm, 8 miles north of Yucca Valley in California. Sparrow? Thanks
  8. 1-27-19...... 8 miles north of Yucca Valley Ca.
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