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  1. Thank you all, that was one of my top guesses.
  2. I've seen this bird at my feeder in Lakewood, Colorado a couple of times and assume it's a female. Smaller than the Flicker, but larger than the House Finch.
  3. My sister-in-law took this photo in her yard in Glenwood Springs Colorado. Could this be a Bullock's Oriole?
  4. The closest match I can find to this is a Hooded Merganser, but they are listed as uncommon here on the Front Range of Colorado.
  5. Tree Sparrow or Song Sparrow?
  6. A friend from New Jersey posted this photo, and wanted to know what kind of hawk it was.
  7. In Lakewood Colorado. I could not identify this bird (not the House Finch) from my Colorado bird guide, Finch family?
  8. Lakewood Colorado, pretty low resolution... Northern Goshawk?
  9. I live in Lakewood Colorado, and cannot find these birds in my bird books, please identify. They are small, House Wren sized birds.
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