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  1. I just installed BirdNET, and it's pretty amazing! Must be online to connect to AI servers in Germany. Even "guessing" at a poor sample, it's mostly right on! Thick woods hereabouts, full of songs, but hard to see. Eventually got eyes on a Wilson's Warbler, not yet the Townsend's. Confirmed Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco, Spotted Towhee, Northern Flicker, Common Raven. It reported several Orange-crowned Warblers, which I haven't spotted, but I know them from here, as I do the Pacific Flycatcher. It even reported a Brown Creeper, which I never heard, but, sure enough, there he was, creeping up a cedar tree! A whole new game! Still hoping to see a Townsend's, but I'm confident they are up there in the canopy, 75-100 feet up.
  2. I only got a glimpse and a few grab-shots, and can't decide the species. This is the best of a few lousy pix. Foothills San Gabriel Mountains, L.A. County, CA, March.
  3. Not sure if Mexico is "North America". I don't see Mexican states listed.. I was told the name of this pretty thing, but was being overwhelmed, and cannot now recall it. Caught for tagging in the Manantlan Biosphere Reserve in Jalisco state, 6,000 ft elevation, moist canopy forest, March 1, 2019, 8:30 am. Amazing trip.
  4. Thanks, folks. New to me! Guess I live just north of the range, and so only cross paths during my migration..
  5. Thanks, people. Always more to learn in this world!
  6. Camping in southern AZ and CA. Lots of new ones for me Phainopepla, Pyrrhuloxia, but a few questions for you guys. 1. Canyon Towhee? (San Pedro House AZ) 2. Lesser Goldfinch (F)? Organ Pipe Cactus NM, AZ 3. Sparrow? Anza-Borrego SP, CA 4. Sparrow? LA County, foothills
  7. Thank you IBH, young BH Grosbeak for sure. Would never have guessed.
  8. La Manzanilla (Pacific coast 19ÂșN), in a bush Maybe juvenile? Lots of Stripe-headed here.
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