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  1. Thanks Connor! Also, a new bird for me 😊
  2. Photographed 4/17/2021 in Reston, VA. Foraging in a pool of water. I thought it was just a male House Sparrow when photographed but after looking more closely and posting on iNaturalist, I have doubts. Thanks for your help with the ID.
  3. Thanks for the commentary Tony. I learn something every time I visit this website 🙂
  4. Thanks folks for the confirms. Yes, the robin was struggling. In twelve years of wildlife photography, I've never seen a raptor take an American Robin. I figured it was because they didn't taste all that good. But, I guess not.
  5. Nice find! According to All About Birds, central Texas would be just on the edge of it's range: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Mountain_Bluebird/maps-range
  6. Taken today in Northern Virginia. The hawk was small. Didn't seem to be a foot tall but bigger than the American Robin prey. Thanks.
  7. Thanks! New bird for me. A female - right?
  8. Taken today in northern Virginia. I'm guessing Red-tailed but they look very different.
  9. I screw up the link. It should be: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/242302981 There is also this one: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/205683991
  10. The New Jersey guru leans toward immature female Greater Scaup. I have to say, this one looks very similar: https://search.macaulaylibrary.org/catalog?taxonCode=gresca&q=Greater Scaup - Aythya marila&age=i BTW, that's a new bird for me 🙂
  11. Good grief Tony, I didn't realize they allowed the unabridged version on this website! Thanks for all the detail. I was down at the lake again today and I'm pretty certain the attached are the same duck - all alone again and never closer than 50 yards. I doubt they add anything except more confusion but .... One of my local friends suggested Redhead, but is contacting a guru in New Jersey for an opinion.
  12. The last one looks like a Northern Harrier to me.
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