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  1. I screw up the link. It should be: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/242302981 There is also this one: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/205683991
  2. The New Jersey guru leans toward immature female Greater Scaup. I have to say, this one looks very similar: https://search.macaulaylibrary.org/catalog?taxonCode=gresca&q=Greater Scaup - Aythya marila&age=i BTW, that's a new bird for me 🙂
  3. Good grief Tony, I didn't realize they allowed the unabridged version on this website! Thanks for all the detail. I was down at the lake again today and I'm pretty certain the attached are the same duck - all alone again and never closer than 50 yards. I doubt they add anything except more confusion but .... One of my local friends suggested Redhead, but is contacting a guru in New Jersey for an opinion.
  4. The last one looks like a Northern Harrier to me.
  5. Thanks for the detailed analysis DLecy. I want to check with the local experts. They are familiar with visitors over many years past. Maybe they can verify 🙂
  6. Thanks so much for the ID. I was thinking one of the scaups, but I see now after looking through many Redhead photos.
  7. I believe Tony is correct. Interestingly I have a couple of photos of an immature Lesser Scaup taken last year (from much closer) on almost exactly the same date on a close by lake: https://aehass.zenfolio.com/p68820126/hdd2ecf32#hdd2ecf21 https://aehass.zenfolio.com/p68820126/hdd2ecf32#hdd2ecf32 Looks very similar.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. I could go with Greater Scaup based on the photos in Macaulay. This one specifically: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/280584921
  9. I'm pretty certain the one on the left in the first photo and the one in the second photo are the same duck. Sadly these are the only photos and heavy crops taken from about 100 yards.
  10. I looked at some of my old photos and now think it might be an immature male Lesser Scaup. Yes, it had been foraging. The one on the right is probably a female.
  11. Taken in Reston Virginia yesterday. Not sure if they are same species. Most interested in one on the left.
  12. Thanks again. That's a new one for me, but I'm not really into warblers 😉
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