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  1. OK. Thanks everyone for your opinions. Common Grackle it is.
  2. Thanks for your opinion Caley. I don't believe there was a call. My impression (nearly a year ago) was that it was too small to be a grackle, but I'm not very familiar with either species. Grackles come to our feeder in flocks during the spring but Rusty Blackbirds are unusual around here.
  3. These were taken on May 1, 2021 in Reston, VA. I was thinking Rusty Blackbird but there is disagreement on iNaturalist.
  4. Thanks for the IDs. I appreciate it.
  5. Photographed in Reston Virginia March 8th. They were together diving so I assume they are the male and female of same species.
  6. OK Thanks. I was pretty sure it was white-breasted but just wanted to check.
  7. I took this today in Reston, VA. The eye line looks like White-breasted but the breast is not white. Red-breasted Nuthatches are pretty rare around here.
  8. OK. Thanks for the help. Guess my 2015 opinion was correct after all.
  9. I was looking through some old Hermit Thrush photos and noticed that this one (4/30/2015) didn't look quite right. Also, it's taken a little late in the spring for a Hermit Thrush around here. Taken in Reston, VA.
  10. Thanks for the help with the ID folks.
  11. It does look a little dark. However, I've only seen them in Oregon.
  12. I've never seen one around here but they are seen on the Potomac not too far from here. Taken today in Reston, VA
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