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  1. I suppose it's what makes bird watching so interesting with both sides presenting convincing arguments (Birders Facebook page presenting other opinions). Thanks for the input! I need to do some research. I wanted it to be golden eagles but can't let that get in the way of a decision.
  2. Our bird group spotted these two eagles a few days ago in Lincoln, CA. There are arguments as to whether they are gold or bald eagles. Posted on Facebook Birders page, it seems golden eagle wins the contest at six-to-one with some convincing arguments but, the local expert here and a few others are convinced they are immature balds. We would like to see what the folks on this forum think so that we may catalogue this sighting in our record book. Thanks.
  3. May be a common sight but that doesn't make the mallard any less beautiful.
  4. Google image search indicates to me possible female horned lark.
  5. My buddy shot this on the way to Lake Tahoe in CA. He doesn't know what it is and neither do I.
  6. I'm going to go with that then. Much appreciated!
  7. Double post. The original post would not show the photo (from Flickr) nor would it let me edit it.
  8. Greetings, this was shot yesterday in N. California. Are the ducks with the light blue on the upper wings juvenile Blue-winged Teals or some other? The photo was taken from a great distance so is not a wall-hanger. Thanks for the help! https://flic.kr/p/Nf6sRv
  9. Looks very similar to a Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron doesn't it?
  10. I just wanna reach out and pet'em. Did'ya know... if u click on the picture you will get more clarity by virtue of Flickr.
  11. They're hanging around so I might as well get some pelican practice.
  12. Three is the magic number for photography (I've heard)... Juvenile Black-necked Stilts
  13. Wounded Killdeer... or is he? Got too close to his nest so he put on a show for me.
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