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  1. At first, I was thinking Bewick's also.. although it's pale underneath, the tail doesn't appear to be very long, and the bill seem to be too curved for Bewick's.
  2. These 2 photos are of the same bird, high in the canopy this morning in Mississauga ON. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks Bird-Boys, ILKIand, and The Bird Nuts for your help on this.
  4. Found in Mississauga, Ontario today. The only shot I was able to get.. looks like no wing bars.. Thanks for your help..
  5. This was taken today around 5pm looking into the sun. The bird in the foreground I believe is a Semipalmated Sandpiper. Is the one in the background a Baird's Sandpiper? Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks Todd. This bird looks more like your bird(s). I have only seen Prothonotary in spring time in Canada, so wasn't familiar with juvenile/immature.
  7. Here's a photo of a juvenile Prothonotary that I found a couple of days later.
  8. Here's a photo of the front, cropped and lightened
  9. It didn't look like Yellow-rumped to me, but I wasn't familiar with Golden-winged.
  10. those are the choices from Merlin. taken on July 29th at Radnor Lake State Park TN
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