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  1. These 2 photos are of the same bird, high in the canopy this morning in Mississauga ON. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks Bird-Boys, ILKIand, and The Bird Nuts for your help on this.
  3. Found in Mississauga, Ontario today. The only shot I was able to get.. looks like no wing bars.. Thanks for your help..
  4. This was taken today around 5pm looking into the sun. The bird in the foreground I believe is a Semipalmated Sandpiper. Is the one in the background a Baird's Sandpiper? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks Todd. This bird looks more like your bird(s). I have only seen Prothonotary in spring time in Canada, so wasn't familiar with juvenile/immature.
  6. Here's a photo of a juvenile Prothonotary that I found a couple of days later.
  7. Here's a photo of the front, cropped and lightened
  8. It didn't look like Yellow-rumped to me, but I wasn't familiar with Golden-winged.
  9. those are the choices from Merlin. taken on July 29th at Radnor Lake State Park TN
  10. Thanks for the ID everyone. RCKI is just now coming through our area. My trick to getting non blurry photos of them is to notice which direction they are moving when feeding and get ahead and wait for them.
  11. Found this bird today. I've been hoping to find an Orange-crowned, but I think this is not one.
  12. This was taken today Sept 14th in Mississauga. Appreciate your help.
  13. Thanks everyone. There are lots of Common Yellowthroats in the area, but that didn't jump out at me.
  14. I didn't think it was Tennessee, since the under tail was yellow not white.
  15. Thanks everyone for the ID's. Just looking at the first bird and it has pink light colored legs. Is that because of the lighting?
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