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  1. Thanks for the ID everyone. RCKI is just now coming through our area. My trick to getting non blurry photos of them is to notice which direction they are moving when feeding and get ahead and wait for them.
  2. Found this bird today. I've been hoping to find an Orange-crowned, but I think this is not one.
  3. This was taken today Sept 14th in Mississauga. Appreciate your help.
  4. Thanks everyone. There are lots of Common Yellowthroats in the area, but that didn't jump out at me.
  5. I didn't think it was Tennessee, since the under tail was yellow not white.
  6. Thanks everyone for the ID's. Just looking at the first bird and it has pink light colored legs. Is that because of the lighting?
  7. Found this morning May 17th in Mississauga, cropped and lightened
  8. I was advised by the e-bird reviewer that this is a juvenile Verdin.
  9. Thanks IKLland. I am familiar with both Mallard and American Black Duck, but wasn't sure if this was pure MEDU.
  10. Yes Male Northern Harrier. White underwing with dark tips and dark trailing edge of the wing.
  11. I would say yes to that.. Rough-legged Hawk with the dark patch at that position.
  12. Just going through some old photos. Taken in July 2019. Is this a Mexican Duck and a Bushtit?
  13. it's more than a 50-50 chance that it is #1, since the signature is "- Bird Nut #1 (with the help of Bird Nut #2 on occasion)" and if it wasn't, chances are I would get a reply to the contrary.
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