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  1. Thanks Melierax, As I said in my original post when I saw it land on the tree trunk I assumed it was a Downy but as I got closer knew it was not. Have checked out all N American wood peckers and none really match. The closest bird I have found is a Puerto Rican woodpecker. Would love to find a photo of one from behind with wings out stretched. The problem of course is they don't leave the Island, maybe a Hurricane.
  2. Thank you Millipede esp. for digging out the Nuthatch photo. I'm very familiar with the awesome nuthatch, see in my trees all the time usually upside down from my perspective. This was definitely not one. It was close to twice the size and when I say black I really mean black and covered the opened wings and back of head on down the sides of the head. I know what you mean about descriptions and taking mental notes. The notes on this sighting were very straight forward. Landed on the tree trunk in the classic woodpecker pose, unfurled wings revealing a solid white lower body. I kick myself for not pulling to the side of the road.
  3. Thanks Charlie Great suggestion had not been able to find any juvenile photos. Unlike the photo and description there was absolutely no white on the wings and the head matched the wings all black. It spread its wings fully in the air and the body feathers were almost completely uniform in size, no tail feathers.
  4. In the early afternoon of 2/9/19 I was driving down a country rd. here in central NC, just passed a newly clear cut woodland when a medium sized bird flew in front of me and landed on a tree at the edge of the rd. The way it landed on the side of the trunk of the tree I thought downy wood pecker but as I passed it I had a clear view of its back and it raised it's solid black wings and it was solid black all the way including neck and top of head. In raising its wings it revealed a solid white body (at least it's lower body from behind). There were no long tail feathers and I could not see it from the front. Can not find anything in the guides, please help.
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