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  1. I have yet to personally see a White-sided, but this bird has all the field markings for it, very nice!
  2. I saw this bird at Pickering Ponds in New Hampshire, June 10, 2018 after going there to see the Wood Stork which was rare or maybe even a first for NH. The bird appeared very large to me and first thought was Brown Thrasher, but that is clearly wrong. However, maybe it just looks very large sine it was up on the fence. The dark coloring, long tail and huge beak make it very distinctive, but I cannot find anything in my guidebooks that match it or even come close. Has anyone any idea as to what it may be?
  3. Thanks everyone, I ended up pouring through the photos in the Macaulay Library (ebird uses it) and my photos far more resemble the coloring of a Rock Ptarmigan. Some of the guidebooks mention that the black tail feathers don't always show and are tipped with white anyway, and many of the photos of Rock Ptarmigan do not show any black. The coloring of the White-tailed Ptarmigan in the photos is much different, so I submitted it to ebird as a Rock Ptarmigan. If only the bird had flown...
  4. I was backpacking in Denali National Park in June this year and ran across a ptarmigan on the rocky tundra on top of Mt. Galen. The photos are good and I have looked at all my guidebooks, which all say it is hard to tell the difference between Rock and White-tailed Ptarmigan, but I can't determine which it is for certain, although I lean toward White-tailed based on the Sibley illustrations and descriptions. I cannot see any black in the tail feathers. Both species are seen in the park and can be in the same alpine tundra habitat. Any help on this from an expert would be greatly appreciated!
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