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  1. Thanks all. I have to agree on further inspection its a goldfinch!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Hoping others will add their views.
  3. In Newton, MA (greater Boston) yesterday around 6:00pm this bird was flitting around the top branches of wooded area behind my house. Mostly deciduous but there is a large fir near where I saw it. I first thought it might be a wood peewee as it might have been bug hunting as it moved around, but it looks more like a warbler to me. There were 2 other birds up there that might have been companions. Can anyone identify this bird.
  4. Thank you so much! I so appreciate the expertise you are willing to share. MB
  5. This looks different than the usual house sparrows at my feeders. Photo taken in metro Boston around February 10, 2019. Note what’s looks like streaking in breast and thin light brown line at center of crown. Any ideas? Thanks so much.
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